Friday, January 27, 2017

Season 3 Pro Slot Competitions Kickoff and League Announcement


It is with great excitement that League President Stimee and League Commissioner CommieCOZY announce the competitions for the open S3 Pro slots for the Nuffle Be Praised league. We will be holding two 6-man round robins, each filling two Pro slots. Rounds will advance as soon as the last game is played, with the expectation that at least 1 game must be played within a week. Once complete, the top two teams in each competition will secure an invitation to the Pro league. Coaches may develop their competition teams or another development team of their choosing to the S3 TV and # of games played limit (i.e. 1550 in 18 games).

But what about the remaining coaches, you ask?

Nuffle Be Praised is pleased to announce the creation of the Proving Grounds. The four remaining coaches of each round robin will form the America and Europa Proving Grounds divisions. The top remaining coach from each competition will earn the honor to name the division. The Proving Grounds will run concurrent to the Pro season, with inter-division play occurring during the mid-season break.

The second announcement is that the Proving Grounds will introduce relegation and promotion to Nuffle Be Praised! At the completion of each season, the bottom teams of the America and Europa Pro conferences will be relegated to the Proving Grounds as the top team of each Proving Grounds division will be promoted to the Pros.

Season 3 is gearing up to be the most exciting one yet! Thanks for stopping by and remember to always praise Nuffle!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Post-Season 2 Transfer Market News and Development Revision

The league administration is excited to announce the opening of the between-season transfer market on Monday 23 January! The transfer marker will run for a period of two weeks ending at 23:59 EST Sunday 06 February.

Take advantage of the market and strengthen your team, or maybe cut some bloated team value and find your star player a good home! One of our goals here at NBP is to build a rich league, full of history, and one way we can accomplish that is by everybody participating in the transfer market! The rules are as follows:
  1. A Coach may elect to promote or “call up” 2 players to their professional team from a developmental team (provided you didn't take advantage of a mid-season promotion). The two forms of promotion are either a direct purchase or a trade agreement.
  2. After transfer your team must be at or below the 1550 TV cap set for Season 3.
  3. You may sell or buy any number of players to and from other pro teams. A pro team is defined as a team that has played in the NBP-Pro League in Season 2 and/or will play in Season 3 (Only available at Post-Season Transfer Market).
  4.  Coaches may relegate a player from their pro team to a developmental team to make room for the transfer, but all Gold from this transaction must be zeroed.
  5. (Developmental to Pro call ups ONLY) If a players full price for transfer cannot be afforded, a coach may elect to sell another player at the same position (lineman for lineman, blitzer for blitzer) for a skilled player and only pay the difference in skills; or sell a different positional to buy a player from a developmental team, taking into the consideration the balance for the difference in position (if any) as well as the difference in skills. (see examples) (e.g. selling a skill-less Chaos Warrior for 100K and replacing him with one for 140K, net cost 40K GP; selling a skill-less beast man at 60K to replace with a single skill Chaos Warrior at 120K, net cost 60K GP)
  6. A promotional trade sought by a Pro team from a different coach's development team is subject to the development team coach's acceptance.
  7. For The purposes of parity and to avoid manipulation, developmental to developmental transfers are not allowed. (A developmental to developmental transfer is defined as a transfer between 2 teams in the developmental league or a transfer between a developmental team and apro team that will not continue).
  8. All trades will be conducted through an intermediate team to maintain consistency and transparency.
  9. All transfers are subject to approval by league management. Any coach that wishes to dispute a blocked transfer will be able to appeal to the NBP council made up of Stimee, CommieCOZY, and the coaches board of (Bortbot18, DaltMC, and Midway_Monster01.) All conflicts of interest will be addressed via recusal of the involved party and a replacement coach will be named.
If you have questions or concerns about the rules don't hesitate to post to the forums, the NBP-Pro group chat on PlayStation Network, or via direct message to Stimee and/or CommieCOZY.

Lastly, the league by-laws have recently had a revision regarding development games. Moving forward, a coach must explicitly specify no fouling if they would prefer not to have it (fouling will be considered acceptable by default). However. fair play and good sportsmanship remains in effect (i.e. don't be unreasonable). Any issues should be brought to the immediate attention of either Stimee or CommieCOZY.

Good luck to you all, and happy trading!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hello coaches!

This message is for our Coaches trying to break into NBP-PRO competition!  An announcement will be made during half time of the Nuffle Challenge Series Final between Pax Romana and Dumpster Diving Lizards! The match takes place tonight at 9 PM EST and will be broadcast on and

 If you want to learn about an opportunity to compete in the Pro League be sure to tune in!