Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Major League Announcement!


Week 4 of Season 3 is in full swing and the league administration would like to thank you all for completing your games in a timely fashion. With the expansion into the America and Europa Proving Grounds, we have 40 coaches in season play. It's no small feat getting 20 games in on a weekly basis and for that we are grateful.

First things first, let's address league structure. There has been a lot of discussion regarding season 4 and we have come to a decision. NBP-Pro will be adopting a three season cycle, effective immediately. What this means is that the TV cap for season 4 will reset back to 1000 TV. Going forward, we will also be implementing a separate TV cap for mid-season. The league TV caps will be as follows (per 3 season cycle):
  • Season 1 1000 TV - Mid-season cap 1300 TV*
  • Season 2 1350 TV - Mid-season cap 1600 TV*
  • Season 3 1650 TV - Mid-season cap 1800 TV*
*NOTE: This TV cap only applies to teams utilizing mid-season transfers/promotions

Second order of business is the transfer period for season 3. Coaches will now be eligible for two promotions during mid-season break because there will not be a post-season transfer market due to the league reset.  Keep in mind all transfer market rules apply. and all transfers are subject to league approval. The mid-season transfer period will last for two weeks 03 April to 17 April 2017 to accommodate our coaches to have the best promotions the development ladder can offer.

Lastly, at the conclusion of this season we will be implementing a new section of the NBP-Pro league: NBP-Pro Legends. Any team that has participated in a Pro season is eligible to join the Legends structure. Specialty tournaments and events will take place there as well as within the current league structure. We see this as an additional incentive for our Proving Grounds coaches to vie for a Pro slot.

Thanks for being  part of Nuffle Be Praised. Any questions, concerns or comments can be raised directly in the chat or the forums for discussion.