Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nuffle Challenge Series 4 Bracket

Season 4 has had plenty of action and the Nuffle Challenge Series is where the top teams from each conference will determine who is the best of the best.

From the Ardent Followers Conference:

1.Salt Works Division Winner: Midway_Monster01 - Zorn Uzkul Zealots

2.Tar & Feather Division Winner: DaltMC - B.A.W.A

3. Deep Dark Division Winner: Dymntd - Regalis Arse Holes

4. AFC Wild Card Winner: bortbot18 - A Sinking Ship

From the Noble Fanatics Conference:

1.  Beheaded Kings Division Winner: Jonah2005uk - Rainforest Queens

2. Ancient Empires Division Winner: CommieCOZY - Old Town Polecats

3. Old World Division Winner: Ponghines - Loren Rockets

4. NFC Wild Card Winner: rockyisback - Warpfire Stones

    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Season 4 Update!


    Season 4 regulation play has completed! I want to thank you all for your commitment to getting those games in!

    Remember the post season will begin 02 Dec 2017. All coaches will have at least one post-season game to play. The top 4 in each conference move to the Nuffle Challenge Series, the next 4 in each conference will be participating in our Bowl Series, and the rest of the Pro coaches will have the Blurst of the Blurst to grasp at some glory. Check back shortly for pairings!

    Thanks for reading and remember to praise Nuffle!