Friday, December 1, 2017

Nuffle Be Praised Season 4 Bowl Series Matchups

With the Nuffle Challenge Series Bracket filled, we now move to the NBP Bowl Series games.

First up, Ancient Empires' The Fear Factory led by Coach blakenutz666 will square off against Coach DKMx4xBAMA's Rattus Rattus Rattus of Salt Works in the Bone Bowl sponsored by Khemri Fried Chicken!

In the Cereal Bowl sponsored by Chaos Khorne Flakes, we have Coach afrochef82's Super Streetfighter Elves from Old World taking on Tar & Feather's own Coach GoDawgsSickEm66 and the Gored Ya BullDawgs!

The Norse Face brings us the Snow Bowl, featuring Coach wheely365's Boom Shake the Room from Old World battling it out against Deep Dark's Crazy Bonemen led by Coach tonsoffun52.

Our Final game of the Season 4 NBP Bowl Series is the Block & Dodger DIY Bowl, with Old World's Coach LegendT969's Scarface Scavengers v2 facing Coach Rhorik_Darik and G.L.o.B.B. from Salt Works!