Friday, January 27, 2017

Season 3 Pro Slot Competitions Kickoff and League Announcement


It is with great excitement that League President Stimee and League Commissioner CommieCOZY announce the competitions for the open S3 Pro slots for the Nuffle Be Praised league. We will be holding two 6-man round robins, each filling two Pro slots. Rounds will advance as soon as the last game is played, with the expectation that at least 1 game must be played within a week. Once complete, the top two teams in each competition will secure an invitation to the Pro league. Coaches may develop their competition teams or another development team of their choosing to the S3 TV and # of games played limit (i.e. 1550 in 18 games).

But what about the remaining coaches, you ask?

Nuffle Be Praised is pleased to announce the creation of the Proving Grounds. The four remaining coaches of each round robin will form the America and Europa Proving Grounds divisions. The top remaining coach from each competition will earn the honor to name the division. The Proving Grounds will run concurrent to the Pro season, with inter-division play occurring during the mid-season break.

The second announcement is that the Proving Grounds will introduce relegation and promotion to Nuffle Be Praised! At the completion of each season, the bottom teams of the America and Europa Pro conferences will be relegated to the Proving Grounds as the top team of each Proving Grounds division will be promoted to the Pros.

Season 3 is gearing up to be the most exciting one yet! Thanks for stopping by and remember to always praise Nuffle!