Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scarface Scavengers v2 Match Report

Season 5 of the NFC Beheaded Kings started with the Scarface Scavengers v2 kicking off at home vs Super Streetfighter Elves at team which the SScavengers failed to beat last season. That may be the reason why the coach sent his minotaur slave back to the reserves and brought up Bull Centaur Sir.Fastblaster. The young bull centaur had scored four touchdowns in the reserves last season and was looking to make a name for himself this year. The sun shinned at the Scar Pitt, streaming in the players eyes as they lined up. The SSElves themselves on a 5-game unbeaten run, thanks their Star blitzer Guile (5MVP, 2TD, 5CI) stood imperious in front of the home crowd, having won the toss and elected to kick. The crowded whipped into such a frenzy as the two Bull Centaurs took to the field for the first time this season, they threw a rock that stunned Chorf blocker Mr. Steelfist on the front line in turn 1 of the Scarface drive.

In a match where elven quickness must dodge the Chaos dwarven power, the SSElves sustained 51 blocks compared to 30 against the SScavengers meant eventually that elven armour would break. In fact, it broke in turn 1 with Elf Lineman Birdie debut match lasting 10 seconds KO.  However, Sir.Vilebull (1MVP 7TD 3CI) first action was to fail the pickup, it gave the SSE something to push for. Guile lead the counter KO Chorf blocker Mr. Metalspine (1CI 2KILLS) in turn 2, as the Bull Centaurs eventually cage around the ball in turn 3 the SSE dodge back to a defensive formation. The Chorf’s 18% occupation in the opponent’s half (SSE 0%) proved decisive, Lineman Blanka (1MVP 1TD 1CI) was the next KO as Sir. Vilebull broke free and scored early in turn 5 for the Scavengers 1-0

As the two teams set up for turn 6 the SS kicking to the SSElves, smarting that none of their ko’s had come back, when the Chorfs get perfect defence!! Then line up 6 Chorf blockers onto the frontline! Determined to dodge and pass their way to victory the SSE lineman Deejay (1TD 1CI) dodges out of the front line picks up the ball and a quick pass to Blizer Akuma (2P 4TD 4CI) but the AG5 Blizer blinded by the sun failed to catch and once again the SS began to pound the elven amour. 14 amour breaks in all and it was beginning to count.

Sir.Vilebull wanted blood spurned on by his touchdown he smashed his hooves into lineman Balrog (1MVP 1TD 2CI) smashing the lineman’s hand in a serious injury in turn 7. Not to be out done Mr.Spikeybelt (1MVP 2CI 1KILL) smashes he hammer like hands into Lineman Ken Master killing him there and then on turn 8. The Scavengers go in 1-0 at half time and 3 players better off.

The game was at a turning point, it was the SSE drive but with 3 down at the start of the second half the dark elves need something to kick start their season. Guile taking on the fight, stuns hobgoblin Ballcatcher (1TD) in turn 10 as the dark elves look to switch the ball to the opposite flanks. Chorf blocker Mr.Blackarm (1MVP 5CI 2KILLS) had other ideas, killing the hired journey man blocking his path shutting down the flank. With the Elves down to 7 Blitzer Guile decides to take on the newest Centaur Sir.Fastblaster, stunning him to the ground to creating the space down the SS right flank. Guile then decides to square up to Sir.Vilebull but fails the GFI………..

…..Once. The coach decides to re-roll with the space opening he has a chance, Blitzer Akuma seizes the chance slipping through the Chorf line he looks to send a long pass down to no-one, just to out run the slow Chorf blockers. However, the blinding sun once again thwarts the dark elf and this time he fumbles the throw, hobgoblin Ballcatcher picks up the ball and heads downfield. Incensed by what he’s seen and sensing they may lose this match blitzer Guile has had enough, doing what dark elves do best dodged through 4 tackle zones to blitz the hobgoblin knocking him out on his way to picking up the ball. However, the Star player blitzer and SSE MVP of the match was all alone.
Sir.Vilebull had had enough, seeing his fellow Bull Centaur on the floor he blitzed the dark elf blitzer gathered speed as he pushed the blitzer back, but only into the path of Chorf blocker Mr.Hothead(1MVP 1CI) who smacked the blitzer to the floor only for the ball to bounce into the Centaurs hands!

Sensing victory and with the dark elf star player down the hobgoblin Bonesnapper (2TD) decided to stick a boot into the legs of the player, fracturing his legs and out for the next match. Sir.Vilebull strides down the pitch hands off to his young apprentice Sir.Fastblaster who scores the second of the game for the Scarface Scavengers to win 2-0!