-Fair Play Policy-

All coaches are expected to exercise fair play and follow a code of good sportsmanship at all times with all fellow coaches and league officials. This includes a firm ban on griefing and trolling. For the purposes of NBP, griefing pertains to the deliberate abuse of game aspects in unintended ways to harass (clock running, glitch exploits, etc.); trolling pertains to deliberately offensive, provacative or abusive language both in game and in other communications. Any coach found to be in violation of these practices will be warned one time about behavior and any subsequent offense will result in suspension or dismissal from the league. Reinstatement for fair play violations requires 100 percent vote of confidence to return.

-League Structure-

The Pro League will feature 24 teams compromising 3 conferences with 2 divisions of 4 teams.

Eastern Conference – Intended for Eastern Time and Central Time Players.

  • Tar & Feather Division
  • Deep Dark Division

Western Conference – Intended for Mountain and Pacific Time Players.

  • Ale & Anarchy Division
  • Salt Works Division

Europa Conference - Intended for European Players.

  • Old World Division
  • Beheaded Kings Division

The regular season will run for 8 weeks. Each week will take place from Monday To Sunday, allowing a full 7 days for coaches to schedule and play their games.

The season will feature two divisional Round Robins of four teams with two weeks of intra-conference games occurring in-between. Intra-conference games will be seeded with the top 2 teams of each division playing the top two teams of the other division in the conference and the bottom 2 teams will also face the bottom 2 teams in the other division of the conference. The second week of intra-conference play will feature the other match up between the 2 bottom teams and 2 top teams.

For the Proving Grounds, the structure will consist of a round robin competition for America and one round robin competition for Europa. 

-Qualifying Team Requirement-

To enter the pro league a team needs to be fresh (1000 tv no games played) or created fresh and leveled to the season cap in the Developmental League (For replacements or future seasons). Teams may not play games (outside of friendlies) in any leagues outside of NBP. Doing so will disqualify a team from entry to the NBP-PRO league.

-Scoring System-

In an effort to keep the conferences competitive and to keep each game valuable, we've implemented a 2 points for a win, 1 points for a tie, 0 points for a loss scoring system as opposed to the traditional 3-1-0 system.

In the event that teams are tied for points at the completion of the season, we will employ the following tiebreaker system:   First, the the divisional record will be considered, and then total season SPP.

-Playoff Structure-

The Post Season will last 3 weeks and be called The Nuffle Challenge Series.  8 teams will play in the The Nuffle Challenge Series. the 6 division winners and the next 2 highest ranked teams via total score and SPP (if tiebreaker is needed)

The format for The Nuffle Challenge Series will be a 8 team knockout tournament. Seeding for the tournament will be as such.  First overall seed will play the 2nd wildcard.  Second seed will play the 1st wildcard.  Third seed will play fifth seed, and fourth seed will play 6th seed.  The final 2 teams will play each other in the Nuffle Challenge Series World Championship

Because we want all of our coaches to participate in the post season we have created the first ever Nuffle Be Praised (Mu)Ryder Cup Challenge!  The next three ranked teams in NBP-Pro will take on the next three ranked NBP Europa coaches for the (Mu)Ryder Cup!

The format will be a series of 3 knock out bowl games in a best 2 out of 3.  Whichever side wins will be awarded the NBP (Mu)Ryder Cup and bragging rights for the whole off season!

Concurrent to the other post season competitions we will also run The Mediocre Tournament Series.  The next 8 ranked teams will enter into an 8 team knockout tournament to earn the right to be called The Mediocre Tournament Champion.

Lastly we have the Blurst of the Blurst.  A one off knockout game between the bottom 2 ranked teams in NBP.

At the completion of the season, the coach with the worst record of the combined East/West conferences and the coach with the worst record of the Europa conference will be relegated to the Proving Grounds. The top coach of each Proving Ground round robin will be promoted for the following season.


We here at NBP Pro appreciate the participation of quality coaches in our league. To reward that participation we have established rewards for the top three ranked coaches overall at the completion of the post season.

First Place Overall - 20 dollar Playstation Network Card.

Second Place Overall - 10 Dollar Playstation Network Card.

Third Place Overall - 100 Cyans (Blood Bowl 2 in-game currency)

In return for these awards we ask NO entrance fee from any coach. We want the rewards to function as a thank you for playing in NBP Pro and NBP Europa.

-League Champion Policy-

If you happen to be so fortunate as to win the NBP World Championship and wish to play in the next season of NBP, you are REQUIRED to return with the championship winning team in order to be placed into the next season.

-League TV Cap Policy-

Because we strive for parity we have instituted a Team Value Cap policy. Each season will start with a TV Cap that each team must be at or below in order to receive entry to the season. You must complete the first game of the season at the TV cap. After the first match is validated,  you are free to be above the cap. The league TV caps will be as follows (per 3 season cycle):

  • Season 1 1000 TV - Mid-season cap 1300 TV*
  • Season 2 1350 TV - Mid-season cap 1600 TV*
  • Season 3 1650 TV - Mid-season cap 1800 TV*

*NOTE: This TV cap only applies to teams utilizing mid-season transfers/promotions

At the conclusion of each cycle's third season, all teams that competed will be elligbile to join the NBP-Legends competitions. 

-Developmental System-

The development system is a never ending open ladder competition that will exist to allow coaches to build teams to use in future seasons as well as for new coaches to start with teams at the current 1350 TV starting team cap (after season 1). The development system will also exist for the purpose of rebuilding depleted teams for reintroduction to the pro league as well as for developing athletes to transfer to your pro team. The TV cap for bringing in a team from the development system will be equal to the season cap they are joining as long as they have played a total number of games ≤ to the minimum games played of the prior Pro season¹, up to the week prior if replacing mid-season. Any team exceeding that value will be subject to a 100 TV penalty.

In the event of a pre-match concede, either through technical glitch or error the team that WINS the match that has been conceded must count that game as 2 games being played (owing to the 2x MVPs and 2x Winnings).  The conceding player may also be forced to count the match as 2 games but those instances will be reviewed and ruled upon in a case by case basis.

¹(e.g. Season 2 = 9 games, Season 3 = 18 games, etc.)

-Developmental Foul Policy-

The primary purpose of the developmental league is to level players to the appropriate season cap and to improve team strategy. To that end, fouling is a strategic element of the game. There is no ban on fouling in development games but fair play and good sportsmanship still apply. Coaches that would prefer not to have fouling in developmental matches must state your intentions to the other coach before you spin the ladder for the match.  Any issues that may arise should be brought to the immediate attention of league administration for review.

- Transfer Market Policy-

At the completion of the season there will be a 2 week transfer market prior to the start of the next season. Coaches will be allowed to transfer 2 athletes from their developmental team into their pro team per season. A coach my elect to promote 1 development player to their pro team during the mid season transfer break that occurs after the first week of intra-conference games.  A coach may only bring up the player if after the transfer their pro team's TV is equal to or less than the next season's starting cap.   There is no limit on pro team to pro team player transfers. All transfers are expected to follow the fair play rules and guidelines of NBP Pro. As such, all transfers will be approved or denied at the discretion of the league administration (president/commissioner). After approval by the league management the trade or promotion will be posted in the NBP Forums for a 24 hour waiver period where coach's may challenge the trade.  A majority vote (excluding the coaches involved) will then vote to allow or deny the trade.

Transfers denied by the commissioner and/or president can be overturned by a vote of the coach's board (excluding all parties involved).

For trades involving the commissioner or president, the coaches board can vote to deny the transfer after getting a voting majority of active coaches (excluding the president, commissioner and parties involved in trade).

-Concede Policy-

Under no uncertain terms will a concede be allowed. In the event that a game can not be played due to scheduling conflict or unforeseen emergency the game will be managed by the league to either a 0 to 0 draw or a 2 to 1 league managed victory. The president and commissioner will have sole discretion over the outcome of any such games and will make a decision based upon all available information.

If any coach disagrees with a league decision under the concede policy, the result may be overturned with a coaches vote requiring a 2/3rd majority. The president and commissioner will abstain from any vote of confidence to maintain legitimacy.

-Disconnect Policy-

We here at Nuffle Be Praised Pro understand that disconnections are an unfortunate part of online multiplayer games. To that end, we have developed a disconnect policy that we feel best addresses the issue. In the event of a disconnect, every attempt should be made to immediately replay the match or to schedule a replay of the match within the allotted time frame for the play period. All efforts must be made to replicate the initial match conditions (no changing of  inducements or spending gold reserves for any reason) unless said changes are agreed upon before resuming play. In the event a replay is not possible or one coach declines a rematch, the outcome will be managed by the sole discretion of the commissioner based upon all the information available.

If any coach disagrees with a league decision under the disconnect policy, the result may be overturned with a coaches vote requiring a 2/3rd majority. The president and commissioner will abstain from any vote of confidence to maintain legitimacy.

-Absent Coach Policy-

It is the expectation of the league that coaches will be active and respond to communications in a timely matter, proactively informing of any extended leave in advance to league administration.

Missing games is strongly discouraged and can result in dismissal from the league. Any missed games due to unavailability outside of 1 per season will result in dismissal from the league unless a valid reason is presented to the president and commissioner.

For non-season play competitions, unresponsive coaches will be replaced at the discretion of the league commissioner.

-Coin Flip Overtime Glitch-

As most coaches are aware, there is a glitch that sometimes occurs during the overtime coin toss.  The glitch basically prevents the player who won the coin toss from choosing to receive.  As we know in overtime one would never usually defer as the scoring system is sudden death.  Therefore, in the event that a match is affected by the overtime coin toss glitch, the league will treat it as though the other coach had won the coin toss.  We feel this is the best way to mitigate the current play experience.

-Code of Conduct Policy-

Any coach found to be using any means to circumvent or violate the bylaws of the league will be immediately suspended or dismissed from the league, depending on the severity of the offense. This decision will be made by the president and commissioner and may only be overturned with a 2/3rd voting coaches majority.