Bylaws Update



Coaches, in the efforts of continuous improvement and transparency, the league will be implementing the following addition to the league bylaws:

Inducement Policy

During the inducements phase, the coach going second may spend no more than 40K out of treasury on top of what granted via inducements. In the event this occurs, the opposing coach is to halt play before the kickoff.


**Please note that any treasury gold spent by the first coach is already accounted for when moving to the second phase, so this only addresses attempts to circumvent the balance sought from inducements. Violating this bylaw is a code of conduct violation and will be enforced as such.

 Please reach out to either the Coaches Board (DaltMC, Ponghines and DKMx4xBAMA) or league administration for any questions or concerns.


Thanks and remember to always Praise Nuffle! 




Inside The NBP Season 4 Week 1


Hello fans and fellow Blood-Bowlers and welcome to another edition of Inside The NBP! Professional Blood Bowl's highest rated recap show for Nuffle Be Praised! I'm your host Ronnie Rott! This week we will be covering all the matches from Week 1! We also have John Maddening with a brand new revamped Player of the Week awards! And of course Dead Sabol will be along a little later with the injury report and bloodiest game of the week!

Before we kick off the fourth season action, Nuffle Be Praised wanted to take a moment to thank all the coaches, fans and players that help make Nuffle Be Praised the destination league for the best teams in all of Blood Bowl! Now let's get right down to the action!

Let's kick things off in the AFC'S Tar and Feather Division as our first match featured B.A.W.A. or the Bad Ass Women's Association Amazons taking on the shifty, shady goblin gang Joe's Imaginations. Disaster hit the goblins right from the outset as the sweltering heat of the stadium knocked out a decent portion of their team. Add to that a failed bribe and an Amazon Squad intent on hitting and you end up with a 3 to 0 Lopsided victory for BAWA.

The Sweltering Heat ending up being a deciding factor in the match up.

The Sweltering Heat ending up being a deciding factor in the match up.

In the classic match up of Dwarves vs Orcs The Überwald Cannonballs clashed with Gored Ya Bulldawgs. A defensive struggle throughout much of the match, neither team gave an inch. The Cannonballs scored late and looked to win the match. However some late game heroics and a clutch pass allowed Gored Ya Bulldawgs to tie it up to end the match 1 to 1.

This pass allowed the Bulldawgs to stay in the match and tie the game.

This pass allowed the Bulldawgs to stay in the match and tie the game.

Moving over to Deep Dark Division we have an unusual match up between A Sinking Ship Skaven Team and Crazy Bonemen the Pro League's only Khemri team. On paper this match up looked to heavily favor A Sinking Ship due to their movement, agility and the Khemri's inability to handle the ball. However no one told the Crazy Bonemen that! As they stayed competitive the whole match, preventing the skaven from taking a lead and ending the match in a 1 to 1 tie.

It's just a THRILLER!!!! IT's JUST A THRILL . . Oh excuse me as a zombie I can't help myself when I see that dance.

It's just a THRILLER!!!! IT's JUST A THRILL . . Oh excuse me as a zombie I can't help myself when I see that dance.

We have Bretonnians vs Chaos Dwarves in our next match up as the Regalis Arse Holes took the pitch to take on the DC Villains. As the only Bretonnian team in the pro ranks, Regalis Arse Holes looked to establish their reputation early. Not backing down in the face of superior bash, they controlled the pitch with their blockers and blitzers. Winning the match 2 to 0 over DC Villains.

Nice Albert getting knocked on his ass and injured.

Nice Albert getting knocked on his ass and injured.

Next we have Salt Works Division where The Underworld Achievers took on the Zorn Uzkul Zealots. In the battle of Underworld and Chaos Dwarves The Zealots got the better of The Underworld Achievers. The superior bash of the Chorfs took its toll on the Achievers Bench allowing the Zealots to use the advantage to secure a 3 to 0 victory.

First of 2 Touchdown by Kirgund Dusthoof

First of 2 Touchdown by Kirgund Dusthoof

Our other match up saw the Skaven squad Rattus Rattus Rattus tangle with The Amazon Wrestling Ladies of G.L.O.B.B. Or The Gorgeous Ladies of Blood Bowl. Though the match started out pretty well for G.L.O.B.B. The speed and agility advantage of Rattus Rattus Rattus was too much to overccome as Rattus Rattus Rattus defeated G.L.O.B.B. 2 to 1.

She Wolf committing a blatant foul, resulting in an ejection from the match.

She Wolf committing a blatant foul, resulting in an ejection from the match.

Now let's check in with the NFC Conference where first we check in on the brand new Ancient Empires Division where the Skaven Warpfire Stones took on the Goblin schemers The Fun Guys. The troubles for our pro goblin teams continued in this match as the unreliable secret weapons and poor armor of the goblins were no match for the agility and movement of the skaven team as the Warpfire Stones won the match 2 to 0.

The Fanatic Taking himself out of the match up with his recklessness.

The Fanatic Taking himself out of the match up with his recklessness.

This game saw the Kislev Circus Old Town Polecats rumble with the Dark Elf The Fear Factory. This match up showed that dealing with Kislev is going to be harder then some coaches think, as the mobility of leap and players with diving tackle may prove difficult to deal with. The Fear Factory put up a valiant fight, only losing in the closing turns 3 to 2 against the Polecats.

Watch as the Kislev gracefully leap through the air!

Watch as the Kislev gracefully leap through the air!

Next we head over to Beheaded Kings where the Super Streetfighter Elves Dark Elf Squad took on The Game of Gnomes Halfling Crew. If you would have told me that Halfling can be competitive against Dark Elf I would have called you a liar if I didn't see it with my own eyes. The Nuffle Altar was a smart choice for The Game of Gnomes allowing them to load up on cheap star players to keep the odds in their favor as well as the Halfling Master Chef which didnt live up to his ability. After all the dust and crumbs settled it was a 1 to 1 tie.

Was it Halfling Guy Fieri?

Was it Halfling Guy Fieri?

Our other match saw The Wood Elf Loren Rockets battle with The Chaos Dwarf Scarface Scavengers v2. In the eternal battle of agility vs bash, sometimes agility wins, and sometimes bash wins. This was one of the times when bash won. As the Rockets suffered 2 deaths, 2 badly hurts and a number of knockouts, which made it wasy for the Scarface Scavengers v2 to score the deciding touchdown and win the match 2 to 1.

We certainly had a lot of bull centaur touchdowns this week.

We certainly had a lot of bull centaur touchdowns this week.

Finally we check in with our last division Old World where in our first match up The Rainforest Queens Amazons took on The Orc Team Boom Shake The Room. While at times it did feel like a fresh prince music video, the party was spoiled by a turn 16 long bomb by the Queens which allowed them to tie the match up at the end and deny Boom Shake The Room the After Party they so desperately wanted.

Another Long bomb pass turning a sure victory into a tie.

Another Long bomb pass turning a sure victory into a tie.

Our last match up saw Underworld Denizens HAMELIN SEWERAGE take on Halfling Dr J's Dweebs. I expected a lot of mayhem and violence in this match up, but I did not expect so many touchdowns! If it weren't for the poor landing ability of some Halfling players the score could have pushed up even further. However when the final whistle blew it was a 2 to 2 tie.

The end result of a throw from the treeman. Could have been a touchdown, instead its a funeral.

The end result of a throw from the treeman. Could have been a touchdown, instead its a funeral.

That does it for the match recaps! We are going to take a brief commercial break and when we return we will have John Maddening with our Players of the Week!

You thought you got tired of looking at the Human cheerleaders? Drink it in.

You thought you got tired of looking at the Human cheerleaders? Drink it in.

Hello fans and welcome back to Inside The NBP! I'm John Maddening and I'm here to bring you everyone's favorite weekly segment The Players of The Week! Now this Season since the league has been reorganized we also have change to our player of the week process! Under the new rules we will pick a player of the Week for the AFC and a player of the week for the NFC! So we will have 2 players of the week, representing the best that each conference has to offer!

Let's get right down to the award for Player of the Week AFC! We had three solid candidates for AFC Player of the week. First we had B.A.W.A.S Amelia Earhart who scored 2 touchdowns in their win over Joes Imaginations. Next we had Kirgund Dusthoof who scored 2 touchdowns and caused an injury in Zorn Uzkul Zealots win over Underworld Achievers. Finally we had Night Train Lane from Rattus Rattus Rattus, who also scored 2 touchdowns.

Ultimately it came down to the casualty caused by Dusthoof which gave him 8 SPP earned just edging out Earhart and Night Train Lane and earning Player of the Week Honors for the AFC!

Kirgund stands out as among the elite of bull centaurs in Nuffle Be Praised.

Kirgund stands out as among the elite of bull centaurs in Nuffle Be Praised.

Now for the award for player of the week NFC first we had Pyotr Orlov from Old Town Polecats who's 2 touchdowns helped secure their win over The Fear Factory. We also had Boom Shake The Room's Bam Bam who earned MVP honors and caused an injury in their tie against The Rainforest Queens. Finally we have Super Streetfighter Elves Guile who scored a touchdown, earned MVP and completed a pass in the Elves match against The Game of Gnomes.

The Award for Player of the Week NFC goes to Guile! With 9 SPP the most of any players week one Guile is our NFC Player of the Week!

You know I haven't seen Guile in a long time but I got to say I'm digging the new look!

You know I haven't seen Guile in a long time but I got to say I'm digging the new look!

That does it for The Player of the Week! Let's send it over to Dead Sabol! For the injury report and bloodiest game of the week!

Thanks very much John!! Hello this is Dead Sabol and I've got all the gruesome details for this week's Inside The NBP Injury Report! As you know we rank the injuries by severity we start with badly hurt, then we go to miss next game, then niggling, then permanent stat down, and then finally DEATH that final injury!

Badly Hurt – It a Sex Thing and Tim is Time from Joes Imaginations; Modo from Überwald Cannonballs; Kaptain Stalebreath from A Sinking Ship; Nice Albert from Regalis Arse Holes; Mitch Kramer from The Underworld Achievers; Weapon X, Pwyych and Tuyit from Rattus Rattus Rattus; Snotkit and Squignitt from The Fun Guys; Morphaamuteofhell from Warpfire Stones; Sorea Shalaev Old Town Polecats; Akuma, Vega and Balrom From Super Street Fighter Elves; The Red Piper, Breakfast is Coming, and Ti-ryan Lannister from The Game of Gnomes; Kimnik from HAMELIN SEWERAGE; Titch McWappy, Old Patch Bertie, and Ken Adams II from Dr J's Dweebs; Akorlay and Brizendil from Loren Rockets.

Miss Next Game – Lex Luthor from Villains of DC; Bill S Preston Esquire from The Underworld Achievers; Igor Tsvetayev from Old Town Polecats.

Niggling Injury - Clawed Humphreys from Gored Ya Bulldawgs.

Permanent Stat Down – Macchu Picchu from GLOBB with armor value down; Weeshag from The Fun Guys with Strength down; Birdie from Super Street Fighter Elves with Armor Down; Samwell Tardy from Game of Gnomes with movement down; Abe-Ra-Ham from Dr J's Dweebs with Agility Down.

Dead – Meat Bag from Joes Imaginations; Sluee Creep from Warpfire Stones; Alexei Patrushev from Old Town Polecats; Ramsay Slow and Arya Kidding Me? From The Game of Gnomes; Anazmache Deinomache from Rainforest Queens; Mij-et-Man from DR J's Dweebs; Evilball from Scarface Scavengers v2; Githmice and Haldrin from Loren Rockets.

That does it for the injury report! Now before we wrap things up its time for the Bloodiest Game of The Week! This week it was a contest between both games that featured Halfling Teams! Ultimately the award goes to The Super Street Fighter Elves vs The Game of Gnomes! With 10 casualties including 2 deaths, and 2 permanent stat downs!

The Game of Gnomes took the brunt of the damage, with 2 deaths and a stat down.

The Game of Gnomes took the brunt of the damage, with 2 deaths and a stat down.

The Super Streetfighter Elves were not without problems themselves as Birdie has lost some armor value.

The Super Streetfighter Elves were not without problems themselves as Birdie has lost some armor value.

That does it for me folks let's sent it back to Ronnie Rott to wrap things up!

Thanks for the great injury report Dead! Well folks its that time again. For John Maddening and Dead Sabol I'm Ronnie Rott I want to thank you for tuning in and remember to Always Praise Nuffle!






S4 Season Opener Double Header live on twitch starting 630pm EDT Sunday!

Hello fans and blood bowlers!  NBP is proud to announce a huge double header to kick off Season 4 live on starting at 630 PM EDT/11:30PM GMT!


Our first match of the season will see The NFC's Wheely365's Orcs Boom Shake the Room against Jonah2005uk's Rainforest Queens!  Commentary will be provided by NBP President Stimee and NFC Pro Coach Afrochef82!!


  Following that match at 10 PM EDT/7 PM PST we will kick off the AFC Conference when Bortbot18's Skaven A Sinking Ship takes on Tonsoffun52's Khemri Crazy Bonemen!  Also broadcast on and featuring commentary with Stimee and Afrochef82!

Don't miss these 2 huge games starting at 630 pm edt Sunday Sept 24th live on
















Inside The NBP Season 4 Kickoff Preview!


Hello fans, coaches and fellow blood-bowlers and welcome once again to Inside The NBP! The premier weekly recap show covering Professional Blood-bowl's most bloodthirsty and competitive league Nuffle Be Praised! I'm your host Ronnie Rott and this week we have a special season 4 preview!

There has been a major restructuring to Nuffle Be Praised this past off season and we are here to give you all the details, as well as coverage of all the new conferences, divisions, coaches and teams! As die-hard NBP fans will know, last season featured 2 conferences, NBP North America and NBP Europa, with 4 divisions of 4 teams in North America and 2 divisions of 4 teams in Europa.

With the introduction of Season 4 we have changed the league structure. NBP North America is now known as the Ardent Followers Conference or AFC for short. NBP Europa is now known as The Noble Fanatics Conference or NFC. In addition to the conference name changes we have also reorganized the division organization. Instead of 4 US and 2 Euro divisions, we will know have 3 AFC divisions and 3 NFC Divisions. We've also retired the Ale and Anarchy Division, and in it's place we are proud to announce The New Ancient Empires Division to be featured in The NFC.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way let's get down to the Season 4 Kickoff Preview! Let's start off in the Ardent Followers Conference with the Tar and Feather Division!


First up we have returning pro coach DaltMc with his Amazon team Bad Ass Women's Association or B.A.W.A. DaltMC is a founding coach in NBP as well as the head of the NBP Coach's Board. Formerly a Dwarf coach, the NBP Title as eluded DaltMC these past seasons despite an appearance in the Season 1 finals, as well as the Season 2 Semi-finals with his old Team #Swole. DaltMc has been a long time Amazon coach in leagues outside of NBP, and now that Nuffle Be Praised has opened the Pro Ranks to new races, DaltMc jumped at the chance to coach an Amazon squad. Anchored by some of the most bad-ass women in history does B.A.W.A. have what it takes to get DaltMc over that final milestone to an NBP Championship?

Gored Ya Bulldawgs.jpg

Next up we have a debuting pro coach as GoDawgsSicem66 and his Orc team Gored Ya Bulldawgs make their way to the pro ranks! GoDawgsSicem66 participated in our proving grounds competition last season and though he did not win he earned his pro spot through quality play. Godawgs brings with him a smash mouth style of play, which should match perfectly with his green skinned bruisers. Despite being one of the strongest races in blood-bowl Orcs have never had much success in NBP-PRO. Can Gored Ya Bulldawgs change that this season?

Uberwald Cannonballs.jpg

Next up we have NBP President and co-founding coach Stimee with his dwarf team The Überwald Cannonballs. That's right fans former longtime Chaos coach Stimee is actually fielding a Dwarf team! For those of you not familiar with previous seasons, one of the most heated rivalries in NBP was that of DaltMC's #Swole vs Stimee's Strong Bad's Awesome Team. When asked what could possibly motivate Stimee to want to coach a dwarf team after going up against them in so many important matches in NBP'S past seasons, Coach Stimee said “A representative of Überwald Cannonballs actually approached me about signing on as coach and bringing them into NBP. After so many fierce and bloody wars with #Swole I've grown a certain appreciation and respect for the dorf bastards. It also doesn't hurt that I've hired former #Swole all-star Abroham “Drinkin” Lincoln to be my strength and conditioning coach this season! Finally DaltMC is going to get a taste of his own medicine!” Are we seeing the beginnings of a new rivalry between B.A.W.A. and Überwald Cannonballs?

Joes Imaginatons.jpg

Finally in Tar and Feather we have returning pro coach KnockoutJoe with his goblin team Joe's Imaginations. Last season did not go as planned for KnockoutJoe as his Kingdom of the Misfit suffered casualties in game after game, ruining their playoff chances and viability early in the season. It looks like KnockoutJoe is out to do the same to the other coaches this season, as his Goblin team features a full assortment of secret weapons, including a Pogor, fanatic, loon and bombardier. There is no doubt the pitch will be stained red after Joe's Imaginations take the field. But the question remains will they be able to dial back the mayhem and focus on winning their games?

Now let's head over to our second division in the AFC, The Deep Dark!

Villains of DC.jpg

First we have returning pro coach Blue6Maxx with his Chaos Dwarf team Villains of DC. Previously Blue6Maxx had coached a Nurgle team in NBP-Pro to moderate success. However this year Blue6Maxx has traded in the rotting corpses of Nurgle for the slightly better hygiene having Chaos Dwarfs. With a stout and vicious line of dwarfs, versatile bull centaurs and expendable hobgoblins will The Villains of DC prove to bee too much for the opposition of the Deep Dark to handle?

Regalis Arse Holes.jpg

Next up we have returning back to back NBP-Pro Champion Dymntd. Who's Dumpster Diving Lizards won both Season 2 and Season 3 of Professional Play. Back with his new Bretonnian Squad Regalis Arse Holes, Dymntd is attempting the unprecedented threepeat as champion. Rumour has it that the Regalis Arse Holes threw a ton of money at Dymntd to coach their squad in Pro for season 4. Will Dymntd be able to take the Arse Holes all the way to the top against stiff competition in the division?

A Sinking Ship.jpg

Next we have returning pro coach Bortbot18 and his Skaven team A Sinking Ship. Longtime coach of The Dark Elves The Goth Bondage Party, Bortbot18 is trading in his leather whips and ass-less chaps for blinding speed and devious rats. With one of the best regular season records in all of NBP, Bortbot18 is among the elite in coaches, however the ultimate success has always alluded him, as GBP came up just short in Season 1 and 2 and didn't even make the playoffs Season 3. Will this Season be the one where Bortbot18 finally puts it all together to win?

Crazy Bonemen.jpg

Finally we have returning coach Tonsoffun52 and his Khemri team Crazy Bonemen! The only Khemri team to play pro this season, Tonsoffun52 has promised that Crazy Bonemen will not disappoint. Despite the overwhelming strength of 4 Tomb Guardians, it is the unreliability of the Blitz-ras and Throw-ras to pick up the ball that usually spells doom for Khemri. Can Tonsoffun52 show that he is the real “Bone Whisperer” to overcome the odds and lead Crazy Bonemen to glory?

Next up we will check in with the last division of the AFC, Salt Works!


First up we have Season 3 Proving Grounds winner Rhorik_Dark and his Amazon team G.L.O.B.B. or the Gorgeous Ladies of Blood Bowl! Rhorik earned his pro spot by winning Proving Grounds North America, the NBP competition that grooms future pro coaches and awards a shot at the Pros to the winner of each competition. Rhorik_Dark will look to show that he belongs in the pro ranks and G.L.O.B.B. will be the best Amazon team in NBP. Will G.L.O.B.B. put its money where its mouth is and win it all?

Zorn Uzkul Zealots.jpg

Next up we have Season 1 Champion and returning Pro coach Midway_Monster01 and his Chaos Dwarf Squad Zorn Uzkul Zealots. A 3 Time division winner, as well as Season 1 Champion Midway_Monster01 looks to get back into championship form with Zorn Uzkul Zealots. Having formerly coached Norse Team Varangian Guard to the title as well as coaching Das Slaytanic Wehrmacht to a division win and playoff berth, Midway_Monster01 is one of the most formidable coaches in all of NBP. Will Midway_Monster01 return to his championship form in Season 4?

The Underworld Achievers.jpg

Next we have NBP Sister League GFCL owner Jonny_Mal and his Underworld Denizens The Underworld Achievers. Former three season coach of human team The Springfield Atoms, Jonny_Mal is looking to Underworld Denizens to bring him some success in Season 4. After struggling through much of season 3, Jonny_Mal hopes The Underworld Achievers will be the answer he needs to to take down longtime division rival Midway_Monster01. Will Season 4 bring more of the same, or will Jonny_Mal get the better of Midway_Monster01 this season?

Rattus Rattus Rattus.jpg

Finally our last Salt Works as well as Last AFC team we have returning coach DKMx4xBAMA and his Skaven Squad Rattus Rattus Rattus! Formerly a Lizard and Undead coach, DKMx4xBAMA has not seen much success in NBP-PRO. For Season 4 he is going as far away from bash as one can get by coaching Skaven squad Rattus Rattus Rattus. Will the agile, little rats prove to be just what DKMx4xBAMA needed to get him from the basement of the division into playoff contention?

That does it for The AFC, let's head on over to the NFC now where first we check in with new division Ancient Empires!

The Fear Factory.jpg

First up in Ancient Empires we have new pro coach Blakenutz666 and his dark elf squad The Fear Factory. One of NBP's only coaches to represent Oceania Blakenutz666 is out to show that all the other pro coaches are a “bunch of sheilas” as his Fear Factory plans on running roughshod over the rest of the division. As a new coach to pro, Blakenutz666 has the advantage of not being well known in the pro ranks. Will Blakenutz666 and The Fear Factory take advantage of that unfamiliarity?


Next up we have NBP Commissioner and Co-founder CommieCOZY and his Kislev Circus team the Old Town Polecats. As the only Kislev Circus team in Pro, CommieCOZY is out to prove that Kislev belongs in Nuffle Be Praised with all of the other races. With every player having Leap and Very Long Legs as well as blitzers and catchers that possess some unusual skills, the Polecats could prove to be a nightmare in positioning for coaches that don't pay attention. Can CommieCOZY take the pride of Starograd soaring to heights unknown or flop to depths unfathomed?

Warpfire Stones.jpg

Next up we have last season's NBP Proving Grounds Europa winner Rockyisback with his Skaven squad Warpfire Stones. Rockyisback dominated Europa Proving Grounds last season, dispatching coach after coach on his way to victory and a spot at the table in NBP Pro. Can Rockyisback replicate that success with his Warpfire Stones, or will the pressure to prove he belongs in Pro cause him to falter?

The Fun Guys.jpg

Finally in Ancient Empires we have new pro coach ThePrimeSinister and his Goblin team The Fun Guys. One of two Goblin or “Gobbo” coaches this season, ThePrimeSinister has been a participating coach in NBP for sometime now, although this his his first chance at pro competition. Eager to make his mark on pro, ThePrimeSinister will not hold anything back as he attempts to take The Fun Guys all the way. Can Goblins be reliable and lucky enough to get to the final match?

Next up we move over to the Beheaded Kings Division.

Loren Rockets.jpg

First we have returning Pro Coach Ponghines and his wood elf team Loren Rockets. Longtime fans of NBP will know that Ponghines was involved in one of the most exciting matches in NBP history, in a thrilling but also heartbreaking semi-finals playoff overtime loss in Season 3 to eventual season champion Dymntd. You can bet that Ponghines has not stopped thinking about that game, and with Season 4 he has another chance to get back into playoff contention. Can Ponghines recapture the glory and make another run at the Nuffle Challenge Series?

The Game of Gnomes.jpg

Next up we have returning pro coach Josiah_Frost and his Halfling team The Game of Gnomes. After coming up short in the finals of Season 2 and Season 3 against Champion Dymntd in back to back “lizard bowls” Josiah_Frost has returned to NBP-PRO by going in the opposite direction by coaching Halfling team The Game of Gnomes. One of the hardest teams to coach in all of Blood-bowl Josiah_Frost certainly has the talent to do it. The real question though is will Nuffle shine his grace on the flings and allow them a chance to compete?

Super Streetfighter Elves.jpg

Next we have returning pro coach and all around Elf Guru AfroChef82 with his new dark elf squad Super StreetFighter Elves! Now I know you must be thinking you are going crazy but this is not the same team that AfroChef82 coached in Season 3 despite obvious similarities. League management has been assured that there is no funny business going on in that situation. After having just missed the playoffs last season, Afrochef82 has another chance to show why he is considered one of the best elf coaches in Nuffle Be Praised. Can the Super StreetFighter Elves get the job done when the Streetfighting Elves could not?

Scarface Scavengers V2.jpg

Lastly in the division we have returning pro coach LegendT969 and his Chaos Dwarf team Scarface Scavengers V2. One of three Chaos Dwarf Pro teams in Season 4 LegendT969 will set out to show that his chaos dwarves are the best chaos dwarves in all of Nuffle Be Praised. A long time fixture of NBP Europa this looks to be the season where LegendT969 steps up his game into the elite of The NFC. Will Scarface Scavengers dominate the rankings in The NFC Conference?

Finally we check in with our last division NFC's Old World.

Boom Shake The Room.jpg

First up in Old World we have the newly minted pro coach Wheely365 and his Orc team Boom Shake The Room. Now I've never been accused of being “hip” or “with it” probably owning to the fact that I am hundreds of years old, but I have no idea what Boom Shake The Room means. Is it a music video on Cabal-vision, are music videos still a thing . . . ahem anyway as another Orc squad steps up to take their shot, will Boom Shake The Room be the team to finally live up the Orcs potential in NBP?


Next up we have another new pro coach Matxukador and his Underworld Denizens team HAMELIN SEWERAGE. Another long affiliated coach with NBP, Matxukador steps into his first season of Pro looking to make a name for himself and his HAMELIN SEWERAGE. With a team full of goblins and rats hopped up on Warpstone (a drug we don't test for here in NBP by the way) Matxukador has all the tools to be able to do it. Will HAMELIN SEWERAGE see success in season 4 of NBP?

Rainforest Queens.jpg

Next up we have returning pro coach Jonah2005uk and his Amazon squad Rainforest Queens. One of three Amazon teams in NBP Pro for season 4, Jonah2005uk will have to work extra hard to outwork the likes of B.A.W.A. and G.L.O.B.B. With an audacious name like Rainforest Queens there is no doubt about it they see themselves as The Amazon team to beat in Season 4. Will their wishes come true or will they be sent floating down the Amazon River?

DR Js Dweebs.jpg

Finally we have returning pro coach FantasticDrJ and his Halfling team Dr J's Dweebs. Our second Halfling team in the NFC as well as NBP Pro, Dr J's Dweebs faces a tough challenge in a division with Amazon, Orc and Underworld teams, but a tough challenge has never stopped FantasticDrJ! As long as he keeps his Dweebs well fed they may have a chance yet! Can FantasticDrJ make Halflings viable or will the teams food budget bankrupt him before the end of the season!

Well that does it for this special Season 4 Kickoff Preview edition of Inside The NBP! Remember Season 4 kicks off officially on Sunday September 24th! Thanks for tuning in to Inside The NBP and remember to always PRAISE NUFFLE!


New Logo for NBP-PRO! Important Notice for Pro Coaches!

Hello coaches, fans and fellow blood bowlers.  NBP is proud to unveil our new logo!  




S4 Pro and PG Registrations Are Now Closed!

Thanks to every coach who has signed up! We are proud to announce that we have registered enough coaches for Season 4 of Pro play and Proving Grounds! 


We have locked the registration thread so no more coaches may be added. In the next few days we will be contacting coaches to get their final team choices to organize the season! 


If you missed out on your opportunity to register but still would like to get some blood bowl action in we are still taking new members to serve as replacement coaches as well as coaches who would wish to play in our open dev ladder while waiting for a spot to open up. 


Thanks for being a part of NBP-PRO we look forward to seeing you on the pitch. 

Bylaws updated S4 start pushed to Sunday Sept 24th

Hello fans and blood-bowlers in light of the problems with the current res dev format we have elected to extend the start of the season by one week in order for coaches to test teams in competitive play before deciding on their pro or proving grounds team. Season 4 Pro and Proving Grounds will now commence on Sunday Sept 24th.

 Another important update we have to bring you is the changes to the NBP-PRO.COM bylaws. Though the core of the bylaws remains unchanged there are dramatic changes to the pro structure as well as changes to the mid season call up and transfer process.

 Please review the bylaws and post any questions in the forum or in the NBP-PRO.COM chat!







Season 4 Pro League and Proving Grounds Sign ups now open! Season 4 set for Sunday Sept 17th!

Hello fans and blood bowlers! is proud to announce that we have picked a tentative date for the start of Season 4! Sunday September 17th!

 To that end we have started a new thread in forum where you can sign up for Season 4 Professional or Proving Ground consideration!

  Click here to register!

Also if are a brand new coach to NBP-PRO and have not yet registered for the league itself you must do so by clicking here .  Please note if you have already registered for NBP-PRO.COM in the past you do NOT need to register again.  

NBP-PRO.COM Legendary Edition S4 Relaunch

Hello fans and blood bowlers, it's been a long time!Now that the Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl 2 has released, we here at NBP-PRO are proud to announce the relaunch of The Nuffle Be Praised Pro PS4 league!  


Pay attention to this news space in the upcoming days as we will have many updates on the relaunch of Nuffle Be Praised as well as information on how to register for season 4!  Don't forget to also check out the official NBP-PRO web forum for more information!  Click the site navigation bar on the right and click forums to register for access!


I hope to see you all on the pitch this season and remember to always praise nuffle! 

Announcing first ever NBP Champions Carnival Competition!

Hello NBP fans and coaches!  NBP League Management is proud to announce a new competition upcoming in NBP!  The NBP Champions Carnival!

The Competition will feature 2 Round Robin Blocks, one for US based coaches and one for Euro based coaches.  Standard NBP scoring will be used (2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.  In the event of a points tie overall win loss record will be considered, and after that total SPP earned during the competition).  The Top scoring team in each block will advance to the NBP Champions Carnival Final, which is a best 2 out of 3 matches to crown the first ever NBP Champion Carnival Winner!

The Competition is open to ALL current active coaches in NBP. Team participation will be restricted to NBP teams that have a maximum team value of 1450 TV as well as a maximum amount of games played at 10 games.  As long as your NBP Team meets those requirements they are eligible to participate!

Sign ups for the competition will be via NBP Forum thread located here .  Sign ups will be open for a 3 week period starting on 5.28.17 to run to 6.18.17 with the competition slated to start on 6.19.2017 which should coincide with the ending of the post season as well as other active competitions.  Block sizes for the competition will be determined by number of participants.  Play schedule is planned at one game/per rolling week. Rounds will advance as soon as the  last game is played. As always, ALL NBP Bylaws apply to the competition.

Let's get those sign ups in and let's see which coach can lay claim to win The NBP Champions Carnival!