Good vs Evil Announcement!

Good vs Evil

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NBP is proud to announce the formation of the Good vs Evil Competition! An exciting new competition created by Our Season 1 Champion Midway_Monster01!


Good vs Evil, the eternal question , a question without answer . . . or is it? Which side is better coaches here at NBP we aim to find out!


The Competition will features 16 teams, in 2 divisions. 8 good coaches and 8 evil coaches. The competition will last for 8 games. Each good coach will play each evil coach 1 time. Good will not play good and evil will not play evil.


After the 8 game competition the top 4 ranked teams on each side will go to the playoffs.


The Seeding for the playoffs will be as such


Good 1 vs Evil 4

Good 2 vs Evil 3

Good 3 vs Evil 2

Good 4 vs Evil 1


It's entirely possible that one side my sweep the competition. The playoffs will continue as long as there is one good team and one evil team to play. In the event that there are multiple teams on one side and only one team on the other side, the side with the extra teams shall decide among themselves who shall play the remaining game or games. Friendly matches between the same side may be used to determine who will advance.


Race choice will be broken down between good vs evil lines as per traditional Warhammer / fantasy fluff.


The Good Teams




High Elf

Wood Elf



The Evil Teams



Dark Elves




Lizard-man and Norse will be considered neutral and can play on either side.


The competition will be administered via an invitation only ladder competition. All 16 teams will be placed into a ladder and you will use the NBP-PRO forum, NBP chat, or private PSN message to schedule their games. The games may be played in any order for convenience of all coaches. Once all 8 games have been played, the results will be tallied and the top 4 of both sides will go into the playoffs. Scoring will follow traditional NBP scoring, (2 for a win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss) with total SPP tiebreaker to decide.


In order to qualify to enter the Good vs Evil Competition the team must be freshly created team with no previous games played. Fluff names playing up good and evil and lore are greatly encouraged.


Lastly due to the open nature of the ladder comp it is imperative that you schedule your games in advance and announce that you are spinning your match to prevent cross match ups. It is also absolutely imperative that you only play the 8 games you are scheduled to play, no more. Any coach who plays a game in the ladder that is NOT on the schedule for the competition will be ejected from the competition and may be prevented from entering future competitions in NBP. Mistakenly playing the same coach twice in the ladder will also be viewed as playing a match outside of schedule and will result in ejection from the competition.


Sign up for the Good vs Evil Competition will be in a forum topic under the General Discussion Sub-forum of the NBP Forums. Sign ups will be prioritized as first come first serve but with first consideration given to NBP Coaches who do not currently have a pro team in Season 2.


Any questions can be directed to Stimee, CommieCozy, or Midway_Monster1.