Inside the NBP - Season 2 Kickoff Preview!

Hello fans and blood bowlers it's Crypt Collinsworth again and I'm here with a special preview edition of Inside The NBP! With Season 2 kicking off tomorrow, we've got a quick run down of all the divisions and teams registered for season 2. I've got the whole gang in the studio with me today, and they are going to help me with today's coverage.

To start things off let's check in with Ronnie Rott as he breaks down the teams and divisions in the Eastern Conference!

Thanks for that Ghoul-tastic intro Crypt! Ronnie Rott here fans and I'm decomposing with excitement to bring you the teams of the Eastern Conference. We start off in the Tar and Feather Conference.

First up we have the season 1 Eastern Conference Champions #Swole! Coached by long time professional DaltMC, The drunken boys of #Swole are looking to avenge their defeat in the Nuffle Challenge Series Final, and to prove once and for all that you don't have to go to school to be in a fraternity!

Next we have a returning coach with a fresh team, as Snakbar7 was not able to come to terms with the ownership group of Arctic Underoos, instead he returns with an all new undead team Rolling Bones! The first of many undead teams this Season in NBP, does Rolling Bones have what it takes to be the best?

We have our first Skaven team in NBP making their pro debut alongside new coach Blue6Maxx. Will Gremlins 2 the team be better received than Gremlins 2 the film? Tune in this Season in Nuffle Be Praised to find out!

Strong Bad's Awesome Team represents the second returning coach and team combination in Tar and Feather. After a disappointing first season that saw them losing in the Blurst of The Blurst to Ol' Angry Ears, Strong Bad's Awesome Team finally has the skills needed to compete with the elite teams in NBP and big things are expected of them.

That's all the teams for Tar and Feather, which brings us to The Deep Dark Division!

The winner of last year's Deep Dark Division back when it was the Eastern Conference South, Goth Bondage Party are they elite Dark Elf Squad in NBP. Featuring two strength 4 all stars, coach Bortbot18 has shown time and again that you can not count out Goth Bondage Party from any game, even if you know your safe word.

Returning Coach CommieCOZY, after having terminating his coaching agreement with GESH returns to NBP after signing a new deal to coach wood elves Pine Crags Pronghorn. CommieCOZY is an exceptional elf coach, and the added speed of the wood elves along with the utility of the war dancers makes Pine Crags Pronghorn a team to watch in Season 2.

We have another new coach and team as TheRebelKnight makes his NBP Professional debut with Norse Squad Loki's Toys! A relative newcomer to NBP, TheRebelKnight earned his spot in the pro leagues by showing a quick aptitude for the game, and for being very active in our developmental league.

Another returning coach and team combo as Hezekiah87 returns with The Green Plague. The Orcs would admit they had a disapointing run last season as they had they playoffs in their plans but came up short. Note we are aware that The Green Plague's current Team value exceeeds the published cap. Rest assured The Green Plague will not receive their ticket until they are below 1350. We have received all assurances from Coach Hezekiah87 that this will not be an issue.

Well that does it for me here with the Eastern Conference break down, let's send things back over to Crypt!

Thank you Ronnie, great job running down the eastern conference. For our Western Conference Preview we send it over to John Maddening!

John Maddening here fans and I've got the teams and divisions in the Western Conference. First up we bring you the rechristened Ale and Anarchy Division!

Midway_Monster01's season 1 champion, undefeated norse squad Varangian Guard are back to defend their crown! With a self professed “Target on their back” will Varangian Guard be able to keep up the momentum and prove that season one was no fluke?

NBP is proud to announce the last minute return of founding coach MarioGodzilla and his wood elf squad Sticks and Stones! While they had a tough season last year with many, many casualties Sticks and Stones are not backing down from the challenge of NBP. With 2 war dancers and a core of tough line elves from last season, Sticks and Stones will look to turn things around this season.

Another quality playoff team from last year, Jonnymal's Springfield Atoms couldn't quite get to the finish line, as they lost in the Western Conference Final, to eventual champion Varangian Guard. Can Springfield Atoms get the better of their Division Rival this year and prove that they are the premier team in the division?

Another new coach and team, Scbare makes his NBP debut with his undead team Slingers. The second of 4 undead squads this season in NBP Pro, Slingers are in a tough division to try and make a run at the playoffs. But that's what's great about NBP any given week any team can beat any team.

Next we move over to the other division in the Western Conference The Salt Works!

Coach Dymntd returns to NBP but Ol Angry Ears were unable to make Team Value Cap, and they sold Dymntd's management contract to a new team out of Lustria Dumpster Diving Lizards. One of 3 new Lizardman Teams making their debut this Season, can Dumpster Diving Lizards take advantage of Coach Dymntd's knowledge and make a run for the playoffs?

MRB1129 also returns to The Salt Works, with a new team. After having forcibly disbanded House Verindath, MRB1129 wants to forget that last season ever happened, this time preferring to field an undead team Club27! Can the dead music legends turned blood bowlers do a better job for MRB1129 this season?

Another new to NBP Coach DKMx4xBAMA makes his debut with Lizardman squad The Thetan Second Coming. Is it possible to worship Soteq and practice Scientology? We will find out this Season!

If I didn't know any better I would suspect that some of the skeletons on this team used to be Peasants on coach ChaseJJ's former team The peasant brigade. Will NBP's foulingest coach have better luck this season with this undead crew?

That does it for me, let's send it over to Crypt again!

Thanks Mr. Maddening! Great rundown of all the teams in the western conference. Here at NBP we were proud to annouce the expansion of NBP-Pro to include NBP Europa! Let's send it over to Howard Co-Hell as he brings us the teams and divisions of the expansion conference!

Thank you Crypt, This is Howard Co-Hell and I'm here fans with the teams and divisions of our brand new conference NBP Europa! Let's Start things off in the Old World Division.

Last year's mid-season replacement coach and team and winner of the mediocre mega bowl, coach Josiah_Frost and Pax Romana look to use the entire season this year to establish themselves as the dominant Lizardman Team in NBP! Will the other Lizardman teams step up to challenge them? Tune into NBP to find out!

New Coach Obsy brings his purple High Elf Squad Dungeon and Dragqueens to NBP Europa. Can the mix of decent armor, and great agility give them the edge in the Old World?

Though we may never learn what happened to the first Brittany Privateers but new coach Mickrob35 is here with the sequel! The second skaven team of NBP and the only Skaven team in NBP Europa, can the filthy vermin use their speed to pull ahead?

New Coach fantasticdrj joins NBP Europa with his chaos team Dangerous Warriors. Though a last second replacement here in NBP Europa, fantasticdrj has the skills to bring a challenge to the Old World, playing many development games already in a short period of time.

Now we check in with the last division, The Beheaded Kings!

Just_Stevie13 makes his NBP debut with able bodied human team Rockport Redbacks! Can The Crimson Spider Squad become the elite human squad of NBP? I hear their bite is worse than their bark!

Another debuting Lizardman Team helmed by fresh coach Djybee233, Bootsers will look to separate from the crowd of lizard-man teams with superior play and sound strategy. Will their Saurus be more bloodthirsty then the other Lizardman teams?

Veteran coach Double Pastis returns with a new team this year, as Dark Theory was also unable to make the cut to meet the cap. Trying his hand at a chaos team, Kiss of Death, will Double Pastis skill as a dark elf coach translate to the pure bash of Chaos?

Last but certainly not least we have another debuting coach and team as last minute replacement Jonah2005UK steps up his wood elf squad, Tree Huggers Affiliated. The third wood elf squad in NBP this Season, what tricks does Jonah2005UK have up his sleeve to compete in the pros?

That does it for NBP Europa lets send it back over to Crypt to wrap things up!

Thank you Howard Co-Hell! What a rundown that was! Doesn't that get you pumped up for NBP Season 2! remember Season 2 kicks off Monday October 17th! I want to thank Ronnie Rott, John Maddening, and Howard Co-Hell, I'm Crypt Collinsworth, this has been Inside The NBP! Thanks for tuning in and remember to always Praise Nuffle!