NBP League Division of Power Structure

In order to meet the ever growing and complex needs of NBP and all its competitions we have revised the organizational structure of the league to make tasks easier on ownership and to make coaches aware of the proper channels to address issues.

Going forward here is the structure we will be employing.  

NBP PRESIDENT Stimee administration  

New coach registrations

News Updates

Weekly Recaps

Domain Management  

Website Maintainence  

Deals with NO league play issues  



Commissioner - CommieCOZY

Runs competitions

Manages online league aspects

Runs development market and trades

Deals with league play issues  

Is final word on league play issues in accordance with bylaws. 

tracks SPP and win loss records in pro league 

Takes ideas and suggestions from coaches  


Coaches Board  

Suggests rules and amending existing rules  

Suggests league improvements and competitions  

Votes on bylaw and rule changes  

Adjudicates situations where the president or commissioner must recuse themselves. 


That's all thanks for your time coaches, going forward this is the structure so please refer to it when needed thanks.


NBP President Stimee