Season 2 Update

Conference and Division Organization Released, Rules Updates and More


Hello coaches!  NBP President, Stimee here with a news update here in the ramp up to season 2. First item on the agenda, we have the divisions and conferences for Season 2!


Eastern Conference


Tar and Feather Division






Deep Dark Division




The Rebel Knight


Western Conference


Ale and Anarchy Division






Working Title Division








Old World Division






Beheaded Kings Division


Double Pastis




Next up on the agenda, after our last coaching board meeting the NBP Coaches Board has decided to rescind the restriction on surfing in dev games. After much discussion it was agreed that playing without the fear of surfing can lead to bad positioning errors that can cause bad habits to develop for coaches, especially our newer coaches. Henceforth the policy is amended to only cover fouling. The New Policy reads as such

“Because the primary purpose of the developmental league is to level teams to the appropriate season cap and for developing players, and because fouling yields no SPP Fouling players in developmental matches is strongly discouraged by the league. While not explicitly banned, We request that If you wish to foul in developmental matches that you state your intentions to the other coach before you spin the ladder for the match. Refusal to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action. “


So just to be clear, you can no longer request no surfing in dev games. We still request that coaches who wish to foul inform their opponent up front. We apologize for the sudden change but we feel the new wording will be best for the league going forward. Remember this rule applies only to the devolpment league and not any other competition or ladder in NBP.

Next up we have a new rule pertaining to the coin-flip overtime glitch. For those unaware the coin flip glitch prevents the player who wins the overtime coin toss from receiving the ball. The Rule reads as follows

“As most coaches are aware, there is a glitch that sometimes occurs during the overtime coin-toss. The glitch basically prevents the player who won the coin toss from choosing to receive. As we know in overtime one would never usually defer as the scoring system is sudden death. Therefore in the event that a match is affected by the overtime coin toss glitch, the league will treat it as though the other coach had won the coin toss.

We feel this is the best way to mitigate against any issues.

Lastly, Coaches, as you know the season start is October 17th. In order to give the league management time to send out all the tickets for the various comps (as well as for the coaches to accept those tickets) we will be sending out tickets on Friday October 14th. That means, your team must be ready to receive their ticket for pro play on Friday October 14th. Failure to abide by this rule may jeopardize your spot in the Season 2 Pro Competition, as we have many coaches on the waiting list with teams ready to go, and it would not be fair to them, nor to the other coaches who have their teams prepared for Season 2.

Thanks for reading coaches and stay tuned to the news tomorrow for the announcement of an exciting new competition!


Thanks, NBP President