NBP is proud to announce a new competition! NBP newcomer coach Lonewolf Jackson came up with the original concept for what we are calling the NBP Race Roulette Ruckus! Here's how it works.  12 coaches will be randomly drawn a race to represent in the competition! We will first draw numbers to determine the drawing order for each coach.

One at a time a race will be selected at random for each coach. There are 12 coaches and 13 released races for blood bowl 2. Each race can only be drawn once. Starting with the coach that drew number 1 to the coach that drew number  12. Once a race has been selected they will be removed from the pool. That means 1 race will go un-selected.

The competition will run for 7 weeks. 5 weeks for round robin play and 2 week for the playoffs. The top 2 spots in each block of 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs.  In the playoffs The winner of block A will face second place in block B The Winner of Block B will play second place of Block A.  The winners of those games will then play in the race roulette ruckus final. The weeks will run concurrent to The Pro season and start on Week 5 of Pro Play Monday November 21st. To that end we hope to have the sign ups completed by Wednesday November 16th so that on Thursday we can post a video of NBP President Stimee drawing the numbers and races on Thursday November 17th.

The winner of the competition will win a 10 dollar PSN card to allow them to buy Nurgle when it is released!

Dude to an almost even mix of UK and US coaches we will run 2 blocks of 6 instead of one block of 12.

Spots are available on a first come first served basis but coaches who are NOT in any current NBP competitions will be given priority. Coaches who do not own all the DLC may enter but must inform NBP of any teams they do not own so we can re-pick a selection if necessary. (Preference for spots may be given to coaches who own all the DLC)


To register for the Race Roulette Ruckus visit http://nbp-pro.freeforums.net/thread/54/nbp-race-roulette-ruckus-registration