Season 2 Mid-season Promotions and Transfers Recap

Hello fans, coaches, blood bowlers and general miscreants! Crypt Collinsworth here with and NBP Special News Report. We have the results of the NBP Mid-Season Transfer and promotion market! A lot of exciting moves among the pro teams. With many stand out development players being called up, some cross coach deals, as well as even a pro player from season one returning to a the pitch!

First we will go over the promotions. That is where the pro team has relegated a player back down to development to be replaced with a skilled player called up from a developmental squad. After the promotions we will cover the actual transfers. These are actions where the pro coach had the gold to afford to buy the contracts of the players outright, without the need to relegate to avoid TV Cap or gold issues. Let's take a look at those promotions!


Our first promotion comes in from Pax Romana who made a deal with stand out development squad Dave Ryder's Space Mutiny to acquire Stump Chunkman. A blocking skink with grit in his teeth and dirt on his face. To make room for Stump Pax Romana relegated Diocletian to Dave Ryder's Space Mutiny.


Varangian Guard makes a move to promote Koren the Chosen One from Varangian Reserve, to replace last years bust promotion Drac Mac Syro. The Ulf-werener may have won a championship with Varangian Guard, but his lazy attitude and under-performing lead to the relegation back down to the reserves to replaced with the Blocking Ulf-werener Koren.


Another promotion from Dave Ryder's Space Mutiny saw Punch RockGroin, a blocking saurus promoted to The Theten Second Coming. Word has it that RockGroin has already been sent a welcome back of El Ron Hubbard's best works. Whether that will lead Punch to abandon Soteq is another matter. Ethan Suplee however has lost favor with The Theten Second Coming being relegated to The Back Up Lizzies.


Matharost is a ridiculious mighty blow agility five War Dancer from Paper Tigers who has been promoted to Pine Crags Pronghorn. Will the adition of such a potent weapon help Pronghorn regain their footing? To make room Rilost The Pronghorn War-Dancer was relegated back down to Paper Tigers.


Loki's Toys reached out to The Norse Awakens to to check on the availability of agility four Heimadal Solo. Though The Norse Awakens did not initially wish to part with Heimdal, especially due to his relationship with Chubacca the Yhetee, they relented after an offer of Lineman Olafgestr and 10 tons of spice from the mines of Kessel.


In a shocking move, former standout star from season one 3LF-0001 from GESH has been promoted back to the pro league in a deal with Dungeon and Dragqueens that sees the block, sidestepping catcher attempt to play his trade in the Euro Conference while catcher Suionduil Cudhrinion from Dungeon and Dragqueens is transferred to GESH.


Dangerous Warriors looked to their deveolpmental team The Dangerous Reserves to call up unhinged blocking Chaos Warrior Norman Stansfield. Word has it that “Stan” likes to listen to classical music and has a penchant for abusing amphetamines. To make room for Norman Stansfield Dangerous Warriors relagate beast-man Mr. Hankey to Dangerous Reserves.


Gremlins 2 decided to call up an accurate passer named Cryite Wring from Junkyard Rats to the the team. Will the addition of the longf-ield threat give Gremlins 2 a chance to fight for a wildcard? To make room for Cryite Lab from Gremlins 2 was relegated back to Junkyard Rats.


Brittanny Privateers 2 opted to stay within their own developmental system promoting strength four linerat Scaplitch Barbe-Rouge from Brittany Privateers and relegating lineman Hihtk back down to Brittany Privateers. The addition of a strength four player ontop of an already potent team!


Kiss of Death add a Mighty blow tackle Beast-man named Prick-Gor to the squd, relegating Best'gor back down to developmental squad Kings' Spirit. Adding tackle to a chaos team is a vital step towards covering agile opponents.


Yet another player from CommieCozy's development Lizard Squad Dave Ryder's Space Mutiny makes his way to a professional team as Dumpster Diving Lizards called up Gristle McThornBody, a side step agility four skink. Dumpster Diving Lizards said goodbye to the Smelly One who was relegated back down to Dave Ryder's Space Mutiny.

That Does it for the promotions, now let's take a look at the 2 transfer actions where the teams were able to purchase a player contract right off the market without needing to relegate.


CommieCozy makes his presence felt again as his Sneaky Git, Dirty Player skeleton from better of undead is transferred to Chase JJ's Dead Men of Dunharrow. As a coach known for his fouling, having a snekay git, dirty player combo will sure to enliven the action!


In our last transfer action Bootsers bought the contract of block, tackle Saurus Itzuiapec from Cool and Funky. Now that Bootsers has a tackle threat, will this level the playing field for them in their match ups against agility teams?

Well fans that wraps it up, make sure to watch this weeks games and see all the stars of NBP as they clash with these newly promoted upstarts! I'm Crypt Collinsworth and remember always Praise Nuffle!