Site redesign, proposed rule change, and development coaches wanted!

Thanks to the great work from the commissioner, CommieCOZY, the site has undergone a redesign.  The new interface is a lot cleaner and easier to read as well as featuring a better organization of information. Take a pop around the redesign and again don't forget to register for the forum.

If you are lurking around and still want to register even though the season has started we still encourage you to register!  The league may have a need of replacement coaches and we are building a vibrant development league where you can play players around the globe.

Speaking of development league  The commissioner and I are proposing a modification to the rule allowing moving 2 players from your development league team to your pro team.  We are still going to allow the practice as it stands, but we would also like to suggest the idea of being able to utilize one of your development to pro transitions in the current season itself.

We feel this will have 2 net positive effects on the league.  One it will allow coaches to replace a dead or otherwise injured player mid season with a skilled player as opposed to a fresh one.  It will also foster more competition in the development league by giving your replacement player a place to earn skills for the promotion.

To that end we are suggesting a mid season break of one week to occur between the 2 intra-conference games.  During this week you can elect to move one player from your development team to your pro team provided you have the required gold and your team's TV after the transfer does NOT exceed the TV Cap of the following season (1250 TV for Season 2).

A decision will be made on the rule change after consultation with the current pro coaches.