Half of week one's games in the books!

Hello fellow coaches and NBP-Pro fans!  At the midway point of week one I am proud to report that half of the league's games have already been played!

Our season opener saw Nollix's Aztecs defeat ChaseJJ's Peasant Brigade in a 2 to 0 wallop.  The Aztec Kroxigor earned 11 SPP, wracking up 3 casualties in the process, and is on track to be the week's MVP!

Our second game saw CommieCozy's GESH take on Hezekiah87's Green Plague.  Did the Genetically engineered elves have what it takes to take down the vicious orcs?  The first half was one sided as the Plague were unable to make any armor breaks of value. However, the second half told a different story as the GESH elves started to fall left and right to strong attacks from the orc crew.  When the final whistle blew it was a 1 to 1 tie. Surely, this will set up a grudge rematch down the line.

The 3rd match of our first season saw Jonny_Mal's Springfield Atoms best Dymntd's Ol' Angry Ears squad in a tough 1 to 0 contest.  Atoms player Stampy also received his first taste of blood on the pitch by maiming a hapless dark elf.

Our 4th match saw Stimee's Strongbad's Awesome Team take on DaltMC's #Swole. The showdown between the Homestar Runner squad and the drunken frat dwarves was one for the ages.  Strongbad's Awesome team took the early lead with a rushing touchdown from Homestar Runner.  On the next kick off #Swole suffered an injury to The Brofessional due to a rock thrown from an angry fan!  After many vicious hits that resulted in injuries to both Strong Mad and Homestar Runner himself, #Swole was able to tie things up with only 3 turns to go!  Even though the Homestar Crew fought valiantly they were unable to punch it in to the end zone in the end leading to a 1 to 1 tie.  We've only seen the beginning of whats sure to be a storied rivalry!

Well that's all for now fans!  Stay tuned for updates and results of the remaining week one matchups!