Friday recap of Dark Theory vs World Wide Webz

Hello fellow adherents of Nuffle!  President Stimee here to bring you a quick midweek recap of 2 important week one games.

Our first match up saw a dizzying elf mirror match as coach Double Pastis' Dark Theory took on Coach Silaninil's World Wide Webz. With rainy conditions sure to make ball handling an interesting affair; did we see the beginnings of a dark elf rivalry?

Dark Theory started the game off strong with 2 early knockouts giving them advantage on the Pitch.   It wasn't long before the Webz struck back with a vicious sidekick from Camlos injuring Iyfil and showing Dark Theory that Webz were here to play.

Another brutal attack from Webz Caemoth left Dark Theory's Andthl dead!  The Webz had now made it personal!  How would Dark Theory respond.

Amazingly Coach DoublePastis was able to keep his cool and instruct witch elf Celirthea to punch in the first touchdown of the day. Though the Webz controlled the Pitch through violence, Dark Theory was able to utilize smart blocking and elf dodging to take the lead.

In the second half the Webz eager to tie it up brought even more force in their attacks, leading to many knockouts.  Despite the onslaught Dark Theory was able to take advantage of Nuffle's praise and smart play to take the game into 2 to 0 making a comeback all but impossible.

Though the stat sheet reads 2 to 0 the score doesn't tell the whole tale as Coach Silaninil exacted a high toll on Dark Theory.