Artic Underoos vs Sticks and Stones devolves into bloodbath!

Hello fellow Coaches and Nuffle worshippers!  President Stimee here to give you another recap from the world of Nuffle Be Praised!

This match up brought us Snakbar7's Artic Underoos vs Mariogodzilla's Sticks and Stones.  There was violence in the air in the pitch today and it did not take long at all for the game to get out of hand.  It was a credit to the great goblin refs we employee that the game was even completed!  At any given time it seemed as the both sides were going to engage in open warfare!

It all started when The Stones line-elf Gaussghain ran afoul of Olafolfr and was carted off the pitch as a result.  In retaliation a band of elves led by Ethensis decided to exactly revenge by fouling a prone Norseman!

The Underoos took the opportunity to advance the ball down the pitch and place Skalladis in prime position to score the game's first touchdown.

If the refs thought that a touchdown would do good to settle the 2 teams down they were wrong.  Flagrant fouls continued to occur back and forth as both teams were out for blood in what I am calling the showcase rivalry here in Nuffle Be Praised!  

Once Sticks and Stone's regained possession they were able to put up a quick score with a touchdown pass from Amalath to Halalu.

With things evened up both teams set in for a tough second half.  On the very next drive the Norsemen again proved their desire for bloodshed as Amalath was killed after a brutal Headbutt from Snorre Dolluson!

Enraged at yet another injury at the hands of the uncaring Norse Stick and Stones broke into an all out craze and surrounded Artic Underoos Ulfwerener!  After a swift block the elf squad injured the defenseless Ulfwerener!

Not to be out done The Underoos injured Ethensis in retaliation!

The whole time this brutality is being visited on the pitch we have Skalla the Drunk marching on the end-zone.  With the Elves now vastly outnumbered Artic Underoos were able to sit on the ball and score at the last possible time!  

A wild and unpredictable game of blood bowl that was a joy to watch!  It's quite apparent to me that this rivalry is just getting warmed up!