A quick news update and match recap!

Hello coaches and fans a quick update from the league.  Tomorrow evening we should have the standings updated to reflect the completion of week one.  We also plan to release a star studded weekly wrap up report to be post tomorrow evening!  This high quality and in-depth rundown of the league's weekly business will feature game recaps, players of the week awards and the injury report!

Get an edge on next week's game but studying your opponent and scouting the injury report!


We had one last game this week fans!  Another Norse vs Dark Elf Showdown.  This time pitting Fatmarc4lyfe's Odin's Finest vs Bortbot18's Goth Bondage Party.

Odin's finest were able to take the quick lead thanks to a score from Frey Dufthak. The celebrating was short lived though as the Dark elves were able to pull even just as the game was drawing to a half.

The Bondage Party had possession in the second half and set out to close out the game.  Though the armor breaks were about even the elves were able to exact a toll on Odin's finest that the norsemen could not match.

After another norsemen was carted off an opening presented itself for the Goth Bondage Party.  In an instant the score was 2 to 1 with not much time left for Odin's Finest to mount a comeback.

Though the Norsemen did not give up they were unable to put together another drive to secure the tie.

Congratulations go to The Goth Bondage Party, but Odin's Finest will have an opportunity for revenge!