Mid-season transfer week vote passes!

Hello, fellow coaches!  I am happy to report that the voting has closed for the proposed rule change and the motion has carried.  The rules and regulations will be updated to reflect the amended rules.

The original rule allowed for the promotion of 2 players from the development team pool to a pro team for the upcoming season of play, provided the appropriate funds were spent.  

The new rule allows a coach to take advantage of 1 of those transfers during the season as opposed to after the season.  There will be a mid-season break that occurs after the first week of intra-conference games.  During that time, a coach may elect to transfer a player to their pro team.   In an effort to preserve parity, you may only transfer a player to your pro team if after the transfer your pro team's TV is equal to or less than the TV of the next season's cap.  (Currently 1250 for season 2, though that number is very likely to change after a voting referendum to occur next week).

Any coach taking advantage of the mid-season call up will then only be able to transfer 1 player to their pro team between seasons. Unlimited pro-to-pro transfers in the post season remain unchanged.

Thanks for all of your continued participation.  Look here tomorrow for the Weekly Recap Week 1 as well as news about votes on rules changes to the following season's TV cap as well as other suggestions.