Thursday Night Blood Bowl Week 4 Recap

Hello fans and Blood Bowlers and welcome to another edition of Cabal TV Presents Nuffle Be Praised Presenting Thursday Night Blood Bowl! Our week four match up sees the number one ranked team in the Eastern Conference CommieCOZY's Genetically Engineered Superelf High (GESH) vs the number one ranked team in the Western Conference Jonny_Mal's Springfield Atoms. Going into the game both teams were undefeated with one tie. Who will win the bragging rights for their conference? Let's get right down to the action!


GESH started the match with the ball and set up in an aggressive formation. The Springfield Atoms didn't back down matching with an aggressive defensive formation of their own. At the kick off the cheering fans energized The Atoms granting them with an extra re-roll.

With a few quick blocks GESH were able to get multiple receivers downfield to set up for some potential elf shenanigans. After a quick pass GESH had an elf in scoring position ready to score the games first touchdown.

The Atoms had other ideas in mind, setting up a Blitz with Morris “Moe” Szyslak. Stunning 3LF-0002 and taking possession of the ball. Can the Atoms capitalize on the turnover?

In a risky and aggressive move 3LF-0001 blitzed Moe, leaving the ball free in the end zone. Using his remaining movement, 0001 ran into the end zone scooped up the ball and scored the game's first touchdown. Now that GESH has drawn first blood, Will The Atoms respond in kind?

After the touchdown, GESH set up to kick and pass possession over to The Atoms. Whether it was the weather or the player the kick ended up on GESH's side of the field causing a touch-back and allowing The Atoms to put the ball in the hands of whomever they wanted. On their first possession of the game the Atoms worked hard to get players downfield including catcher Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

GESH took advantage of some good blocks though, knocking down the ball carrier and putting the ball in play. Angry that Diamond Joe Quimby had been knocked down, Stampy took his anger out on 3LF-0007 causing a niggling injury.

The Springfield Atoms really started to lay into GESH with Drederick Tatum getting a stun; which set up Diamond Joe Quimby to pick up the ball and regroup inside of semi-formed cage.

In the face of impending elf pressure, Diamond Joe Quimby threw the a quick pass to Drederick Tatum hoping to set up a score to tie the game. The Atoms must have confidence that Tatum can hold onto the ball because they didn't give him any blocking protection.

Taking advantage of the lack of protection 0001 Blitzed Tatum, causing the ball to scatter of the pitch and lead to a throw in. With the ball now free, GESH stole possession and with a quick throw downfield were again a threat to score.

The Atoms counted on a big dose of Nuffle's Blessing to execute the only move they could to prevent the score. Succeeding with a risky dodge, and a one die block resulting in a stumble Skinner was able to overcome dodge with tackle and lay out 3LF-0002 causing an armor break and preventing GESH from going up 2-0 before the half.

The Springfield Atoms get the ball to start the second half. The Atoms came onto the pitch in the with mean looks in their eyes. Stampy and crew wasted no time injuring 2 journey-elves and trying to play the numbers game. In no time the Atoms stacked up 3 injuries 2 knockouts. It will be very hard for GESH to overcome such a numbers disparity.

The Atoms weren't done yet with another punishing injury this time breaking 0011's neck and causing a permanent stat down. 

Even though they had the numbers advantage, The Atoms weren't able to prevent GESH from attacking the ball carrier and again causing a loss of possession. Thinking quickly GESH tried to pass the ball downfield as they had in the first half and try and prevent the Atoms from scoring. However this time the move was well scouted by Stan “The Boy” Taylor who intercepted the pass and reclaimed possession for the Atoms.

After falling victim to more knockouts and stuns GESH simply didn't have the numbers to form a solid defense allowing Stan “The Boy” Taylor to score a touchdown and tie the game.

On the next kick off, The Atoms possess a four player advantage, with 4 injuries and 1 knock out on GESH's side compared to just one knock out on The Atoms side. Even faced with a 4 player disadvantage GESH did not back down and continued to play aggressive, sending their few remaining players downfield and trying to get in position to score the go ahead touchdown. A risky proposition to attempt the score and the victory with a team so depleted instead of trying to play keep away and play for the tie. GESH simply couldn't overcome the numbers advantage which set up a Blitz on the ball carrier by Homer Simpson himself causing a knockdown and placing the ball in Diamond Joe Quimby's hands.

With the player advantage and possession of the ball Diamond Joe Quimby scored the go ahead touchdown leading the Springfield Atoms to victory over The Genetically Engineered Superelf High 2 to 1.

The SPP laden victory for The Springfield Atoms cements their position at the top of the Western Conference. I wouldn't be surprised if Stampy earns the league player of the week either. On the other hand GESH now finds itself extremely banged up and in second position in the Eastern Conference behind #Swole. With half the season to go will we see this match up again? In the Championship perhaps? That will be a story for another time! Thanks for tuning in to Cabal TV Presents Nuffle Be Praised Presenting Thursday Night Blood Bowl and always remember to praise Nuffle!