Week 4 Complete and Bylaws Update

Coaches! I am pleased to announced that the first week of inter-conference games has been completed. We will hold the mid-season promotion period until 19 July 2016 00:00 EDT.

Additionally, and timely, the following changes have been made to the league bylaws:

First, the season 2 TV cap will be set to 1350. No team can exceed this value after a mid-season promotion as well. 

Second, is the following change to the actual promotion process.

To promote a player from the development league, a Pro team will demote a player* and pick a player at the cost of the skill difference between them. 
E.g. an unskilled beastman is traded for a beastman with 1 normal skill = 20,000 GP

For a positional player (any player outside of the 0/16 position) the trade must be done with that positional, or at the base cost difference plus skills (only if positional is unavailable). 
Example 1: Unskilled Dwarf Troll Slayer is traded for a Dwarf Troll Slayer with 2 normal skills = 40,000 GP
Example 2: unskilled High elf lineman is traded for a high elf thrower with 1 double skill = 50,000 GP (positional difference of 20,000 GP)

Pro to Pro transfers will remain unchanged and a Pro team will still be able to purchase a development player at full cost without exchanging a player.

*The player demoted must not have a stat down or niggling injury.

Week 5 schedule will be posted to the forums and the match up tickets will be sent at the close of the transfer period.


See you all on the pitch!