Inside The NBP Week 6 Recap

Hello fans and blood bowlers and welcome to another edition of “Inside The NBP” Blood Bowl's premiere weekly wrap-up show for the number one league in Blood Bowl Nuffle Be Praised! I'm your host Crypt Collinsworth and we have another action packed recap for you. This week we have matches with play-off implications, players of the week award, and of course our injury report! Let's get right down to the action.

Our first match featured DaltMC's top ranked #Swole taking on Snakbar7's Arctic Underoos squad. In a low scoring and brutal game, #Swole showed why they are number one, with a 1 to 0 victory over The Underoos.

In our other match in the Eastern Conference North Stimee's Strong Bad's Awesome Team took on MarioGodzilla's Sticks and Stones. Even though The Awesome Team ruled the pitch with injuries and knock outs, the crafty wood elves were able to pull even, squeaking out a 1 to 1 tie.

After the first week of divisional rematches #Swole is on top of the Eastern Conference Division with 10 points, The Arctic Underoos in second with 5, Strong Bad's Awesome Team bringing up third with 4 points, and Sticks and Stones in fourth with 3 points.

Next we move on over to the Eastern Conference South where CommieCOZY's Genetically Engineered Super Elf High took on Fatmarc4lyfe1's Odin's Finest. In an absolute rout, GESH returned to their winning ways scoring 4 unanswered touchdowns on Odin's Finest before finally winning the match up 5 to 1.

In our other match up of the Eastern Conference South Hezekiah87's The Green Plague took on Bortbot18's Goth Bondage Party. The Green Plague played solid defense and put up a valiant fight, but were unable to get the armor breaks they needed to beat the slippery elves. Falling to the Goth Bondage Party 1 to 0.

Some movement in the Eastern Conference South this week, while the Goth Bondage Party is still atop the division with 9 points, GESH has retaken second place from The Green Plague with 7 points over the Plagues 6. Odin's Finest is in fourth with 1.

Now on over to the Western Conference where we first stop in the Northern Division where Midway_Monster01's Varangian Guard took on Dymntd's Ol' Angry Ears. In back and forth match up Varangian Guard pulled out the 1-0 victory to remain undefeated.

The other match in the Northern Division featured the Jonny_Mal's undefeated top ranked in the league Springfield Atoms take on MrB1129's House Verindath. The Springfield Atoms again showed they they are top ranked, featuring a ridiculous interception by Ogre Stampy on the way to a 2 to 1 victory.

With just two more weeks of regular season play to go Jonny_Mal's Springfield Atoms are holding steady with 11 points and more SPP than Varangian Guard, giving them first place in the division, with Varangian Guard also at 11 points, followed by Ol' Angry Ears with 4 points in third and House Verindath in fourth also with 4.

Next up we move onto the last division of NBP the Western Conference South. Our first match up featured Josiah_Frost's Pax Romana taking on ChaseJJ's The Peasant Brigade. In a rousing match full of violence and many flagrant fouls The Peasant Brigade picked up their first win of the season 2 to 0. Check out the week five match recap for an in-depth recap.

In our last match of the week Double Pastis' Dark Theory took on Silaninil's World Wide Webz. In a match that was confusing to follow at times do to the similar armor of both teams, Dark Theory were able to pull ahead 2 to 1 for the victory.

In the Western Conference South Dark Theory is dominating the division standings with an un-catchable 11 points making them a lock to make the playoffs, followed by a three-way point tie broken by SPP, featuring Pax Romana in second, World Wide Webz in third, and The Peasant Brigade in fourth.

Lets take a look at the conference standings. First we look at the Eastern Conference. In first place we have #Swole with 10, followed by Goth Bondage Party in second with 9, GESH in third with 7, and The Green Plague in fourth with 6. The Bottom of the conference is rounded out with The Arctic Underoos in fifth with 5, Strong Bad's awesome team in sixth with 4, Sticks and Stones in seventh with 3, and finally Odin's Finest in eighth with 1.

Moving over to the Western Conference we have The Springfield Atoms, Varangian Guard and Dark Theory in first, second and third respectively due to SPP totals. Pax Romana is in fourth with 5 points, Ol' Angry Ears , World Wide Webz, House Verindath and The Peasant Brigade in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth respectively. That does it for the match recaps, lets head on over to John Maddening with the players of the week!

Thank you Crypt! Hello fans this John Maddening and I'm here to present the players of the week awards! Remember, the selection is based upon the players' on pitch performances for the week in review. We will choose 3 players. The first 2 choices will be awarded to stand out players in their conference and they will be awarded the “Conference Player of the Week” title. We then select the week's overall stand-out player for “League-wide Player of the Week”. Selection for league wide player of the week disqualifies that player from also winning the “Conference Player of the Week” title. Now with that out of the way lets get to the awards!

Our First award for Eastern Conference “Player of the Week” goes to #Swole's Brodolf Hitler! The dastardly frat-fuhrer earned the honors with two injuries caused in #Swole's victory over The Arctic Underoos!

Next up the Western Conference “Player of the Week” goes to Varangian Guard's Yhetee Bragh An Scather who was all over the Pitch causing 2 injuries and many knockouts in The Guard's win over Ol' Angry Ears.

Finally the award for “League Player of the week” goes to GESH's 3LF-0002. A one elf show on the pitch, 0002 scored a whopping 12 SPP snagging the games MVP as well as scoring and causing mayhem on the field.

That does it for the players of the week I'm John Maddening. Let's send it over to Howard Co-Hell and the injury report!

Hello fans this is Howard Co-Hell my new agent has promised me that he can at least get me a raise if not get me Maddening's job. All I had to do was sign a 10 year broadcasting contract with the NBP to keep doing the injury report. Wait a minute this contract says I don't get paid more to do the players of the week . . . uh I mean time for the injury report, yes that's it. Alright Let's get down to the bone snapping! As you know here at NBP we classify injuries in five groups. First the badly hurts, these players just need to sit out the rest of the game, then the miss next game, these injuries are severe enough to warrant missing the next game, then we have our niggling injures, these reoccurring flare-ups leave a player wide open to being injured again. Next up we have the stat downs, these injuries permanently negatively affect the player. And finally death, these players have shuffled off the mortal coil for the great pitch in the sky!

Badly Hurt – Rakr The Scornful and Eilifbiorn from Arctic Underoos, Mylmil from Sticks and Stones, Hyglak Roneth and Buliwyf from Varangian Guard, Aedriorn and Mesmal from Ol'Angry Ears, Marcus Aurelius and Claudius from Pax Romana.

MNG- Lorfin from Sticks and Stones, Ofeig Haldanarson from Odin's Finest, 3LF-0005 from GESH, Bandhil from Ol' Angry Ears, and Kyrfin from Dark Theory.

Niggling Injury – none

Stat Down – Dilendil and Ohtelen from Sticks and Stones with Armor Down, Switch Sam from The Peasant Brigade with Strength Down, and Calthel from World Wide Webz with movement down.

Death – Abolfr from Arctic Underoos, Gromph from House Verindath, Fat James from The Peasant Brigade, and Rienthar from World Wide Webz.

Well that does it for another edition of “Inside The NBP” I'm Howard Co-Hell and For Crypt Collinsworth and John Maddening thanks for tuning and remember to always praise Nuffle!