Monday Night Edition of Thursday Night Blood Bowl Week 5

Hello fans and blood bowlers and welcome to a special Monday Night Edition of Cabal TV Presents Nuffle Be Praised Presenting Thursday Night Blood Bowl! Week five's match up featured Stimee's Strong Bad's Awesome Team taking on Double Pastis' Dark Theory. Strong Bad's Awesome Team is itching to get their first win and Dark Theory is looking to solidify their hold on the Western Conference South. Let's get to the match up!

Tonight's game is the first appearance of Strong Bad's Awesome Teamss freshly promoted Chaos Warrior Homestar Runner (Chaos Warrior). With a fierce combination of Jump-up and Mighty Blow Homestar hopes to make his presence felt throughout the match-up. We start things off with Dark Theory receiving the ball. Strong Bad's Awesome Team doesn't want to wait for their turn to throw blocks though and they start things off with a BLITZ!

It looks like Homestar Runner CW is wasting no time getting himself involved in the match. Executing a perfect Mighty Blow Blitz to start things off with an injury to Morfil! Before the match has even really started proper the developmental call up has started to pay dividends.

Recovering from the unexpected Blitz Dark Theory is able to break through Strong Bad's Awesome Team's line with a quick pass and a few successful blocks. Taking advantage of the break in the line, Dark Theory advances the ball to scoring position on the first turn.

Advancing over so much ground so quickly has left Dark Theory wide open to counter attack. After a quick beast-man blitz the ball is on the ground putting Dark Theory's possession in Jeopardy. The Awesome Team tried to move another player to the ball, but failed the dodge attempt causing the turn to end.

Needing to free up the ball Dark Theory lashed out with a vicious kick that at first killed Homsar; but fortunately after a quick trip to the apothecary the injury was downgraded to a miss next game. With Homsar off the pitch, Fimlor was able to dodge away from a Chaos Warrior and get open in the end zone, setting up Celirthea Dark Theory's Witch elf to pick the ball up and try for the touchdown pass. After a quick re-roll on the catch Dark Theory has the first touchdown of the match!

Dark Theory was able to get on the scoreboard quickly, it will be interesting to see if Strong Bad's Awesome Team can score with the turns remaining to keep this game alive. Dark Theory sets up the shallow kick, only a few squares deep into The Awesome Team's backfield.

Thinking quickly to make the best of the on field positioning, The Awesome Team moves some players around and throws a risky pass to secure the ball in the center of a Chaos Warrior and beast man cage.

With the cage secure Homestar Runner CW again makes a strong showing, injuring Anbaire to start off The Awesome Team's possession. A stellar start to the young Chaos Warrior, I can see bright things in his future!

Once the cage was secured, the match began to resemble a typical Chaos offensive drive. A slowly moving cage followed by the bodies of maimed elves. One of those elves being Dark Theory's prized Witch elf Celirthea, who has already been all over the pitch in the match so far. Once again Homestar Runner shows the power of Mighty Blow, throwing a block that out and out kills the witch elf!

Luckily for Dark Theory their magic apothecary was able to cure the injury down to no casualty! While it was good for The Awesome team to have such a strong player removed from the pitch, the good fortune of Dark Theory to get her on the bench instead of in the ground may be the difference maker in the match.

After the fortunate apothecary momentum seemed to shifted towards Dark Theory's side. After some strong positioning and blocks Dark Theory were able to bust up the cage and put the ball on the pitch again. If they could scoop it up here they would be able to go up 2 to 0 on Strong Bad's Awesome Team and perhaps finish the match.

Undaunted by the dwindling clock, and the fact that they no longer had possession and that they still had to half the pitch to go, Strong Bad's Awesome Team showed no signs of giving up. Regaining possession and setting up a half cage with a screen to try and put up a score at the end of the half to even things up.

Dark Theory doesn't plan to just let them waltz into the game tying touchdown however. Setting up smart screening and doubling up the defenders, Dark Theory has set it up their defense to force The Awesome team to have to dodge once and go for it in order to score.

Nuffle must have been smiling on The Awesome Team as they succeeded with a coin flip chaos warrior dodge after a successful block to set up 2 improbable dodges to get Coach Z into the end zone and Strong Bad's Awesome Team in the game to end the half.

Strong Bad's Awesome Team will receive the ball to begin the second half. They also possess a one player advantage to start the drive. Dark Theory wins the kick off event with a staff of scheming coaches inspiring them to an extra re-roll.

After a failed pick up and another quick cage up Strong Bad's Awesome Team are ready to try and score the go-ahead touchdown and maybe put this match away. To have the best chance at doing that they are going to need to remove Dark Theory's Strength four brute Iyfil. Sensing that there was only one man capable for the job, Homestar Runner CW stepped up and knocked him out.

After knocking out Iyfil The Awesome Team again caged up, this time at midfield and set to make the slow grind to score. Dark Theory needed to take drastic action and succeeded on a pair of risky unassisted blocks, allowing them to set up some defense to prevent the cage from moving straight down the field. The resulting positioning left Celirthea without any support on the pitch.

Fortunately for Dark Theory, The Awesome Team didn't notice the high value target left unassisted and instead used their blitz action on a solitary line elf, getting a knockdown. The misplay by The Awesome Team leaves an opening for Dark Theory to capitalize. Utilizing their players properly, Dark Theory was able to break up The Awesome Team's cage and knock out Coach Z!

With the ball again on the pitch, this time deep in Strong Bad's Awesome Team territory; it seems like this game is set to go down to the wire. On their next turn with a series of unsuccessful chain blocks The Awesome team were unable to exact revenge on Celirthea or neutralize her presence on the pitch. Unable to form a cage to protect the ball carrier, they scooped up the ball and hoped for the best.

It wasn't long before the ball was again on the pitch as The Awesome Team's ball carrier went down again. This time, Dark Theory was able to grab the ball and dash towards the end zone. However after a failed go for it re-rolled into a failed go for it (otherwise known as a Stimee special) the ball was again on the pitch.

With little options left and desperate to prevent the score, Homestar Runner (Beast-man) takes a very risky action through multiple tackle zones to pick up the ball and try to prevent the score. However making another critical error, after regaining the ball they attempted to bring down a Chaos Warrior for assistance, leaving open a blitzing line for Dark Theory to get through to the ball carrier. After a Blitz and pick up, Celirthea scored the game winning touch down and finished the match 2 to 1.

This has been a special Monday edition of Cabal TV presents Nuffle Be Praised Presenting Thursday Night Blood Bowl! Thanks for tuning in and remember praise Nuffle!