Monday Night Blood Bowl Week 6

Hello fans and fellow blood bowlers and welcome to a Cabal TV presenting Nuffle Be Praised presents Monday Night Blood Bowl! Tonight's match up is a recap of last week's Peasant Brigade vs Pax Romana showdown.

The stadium is full of anticipation as the teams take the pitch. The Peasant Brigade wins the coin toss and opts to receive the ball. On the opening kick off event a rowdy fan who probably had one to many grogs threw a a rock at Marcus Aurelius, putting the skink down with a badly hurt injury! Already one skink down and the match hasn't even started proper!

The Brigade start off the match with a few successful blocks leading up to Richard “Snakeeyes” King scooping up the ball and a ChaseJJ special, the turn one foul! Luckily for Pax Romana the attempt was unsuccessful. Pax Romana rebounds by opening a lane to King and pressuring him with Kroxigor Nero and Saurus Trajan. A Few more skinks around for good measure and Romana has the ball carrier swarmed.

Snakeeyes blitzes Trajan and dodges away from the remaining tackle zones and moves the ball up the field succeeding 2 go for its in the process. Pax Romana follows up with a push block, but then runs into trouble with a skull and a both down, causing a Saurus to end up on his back and Pax Romana's turn to end prematurely!

Snake-eyes advances further down the field, the peasants foul another foul attempt and then set up the screen to try and protect the ball carrier. Pax Romana blocks open a path and blitzes down the field with Augustus and marks Snakeeyes, knocking out a peasant in the process.

The Peasant Brigade chooses to play it safe and slowly advances the ball down the field, with careful blocks trying to get into scoring position while maintaining possession. Pax Romana roars back blocking Snakeeyes causing a loose ball and injuring Switch Sam!

The Peasant Brigade recovers and Snakeeyes stuns a skink and marks the loose ball. Pax Romana tries to follow up with a block but wrestle comes into handy for the Brigade protecting their blocker from injury. Pax Romana makes a critical error blocking a peasant onto the marked ball and knocking it right into the hands of Richard “Snakeeyes” King.

The Peasant Brigade takes advantage of their good fortune and after a successful block then a blitz and a dodge, Richard “Snakeeyes” King scores the games opening touchdown and puts The Peasant Brigade up 1 to nothing over the Pax Romana with time running out in the first half!

Even though they won't be able to score with the time left in the game Pax Romana used the turn to their advantage knocking out Mule Mitch and killing peasant Fat James! What will The Peasant Brigade do in the second half to retaliate!

The weather took a turn for the worse to start the second half, pouring down rain and making conditions slick for all. Pax Romana was set to receive the ball and looked to try and even the score and get back into the game. The Peasant Brigade overshot the kick leading to a touch-back and allowing Romana to hand the ball to one of their remaining skinks.

Right off the bat Nero decided to bonehead leaving a big hole in the center of the line. Pax Romana gathered the remaining Sauruses (Sauri?) and formed a cage around the ball carrier.

The Peasant Brigade started their first turn of the half injuring Claudius The Saurus with Mule Mitch, dodging away from another saurus and succeeding with a push on a red die strength disadvantage! Pax Romana followed up by having Nero knock out Haystack Hank and moving the cage down the field. Pax Romana tries a page out of The Brigade's playbook with a foul but are unsuccessful.

The Peasant Brigade pressures the cage and sets up blockers to screen the advance from Pax Romana's cage. Nero boneheads again leaving Pax Romana no choice but to move sideways and then up the field with the cage. Unable to cage up fully using saurus, the back corner is left vulnerable with a skink.

The Peasant Brigade goes right after the skink corner of the cage, moving in to mark the ball carrier and knocking out second skink Vespasian in the process. Pax Romana tries to rebuild their cage after knocking over the blocker. Unfortunately the have no choice but to rebuild the cage with the downed Peasant Brigade blocker inside of it.

The Brigade again take advantage of positioning, throwing blocks, marking the cage and knocking out the skink and knocking the ball loose! With that knock out Pax Romana are completely out of Skinks and now have no players with the agility required to be able to handle the ball!

Pax Romana tries to salvage the drive by marking the ball with four saurus and attempting a desperation pick up. The lack of agility on the saurus prevents him from picking up the ball! The Peasant Brigade takes over and after blocking a saurus attempts another flagrant foul.

At this point all Pax Romana can do is mark the ball and hope to keep the score at 1 to 0. However for the first time this season The Peasant Brigade sensed they were on the edge of victory and wanted more! After blocking open a lane The Peasant Brigade scooped up the ball and ran out of reach of Pax Romana.

After a turn of stalling The Brigade ran in for their second score and pulled ahead 2 to 0 winning the match! Unfortunately the feed to Cabal TV gave out at the last second so we were unable to get any shots of the winning touchdown! That wraps it up for another edition of Cabal TV Presents Nuffle Be Praised Presenting Blood Bowl! Thanks for tuning and remember to always Praise Nuffle!