NBP End of Season Awards!

Hello coaches! NBP ownership is pleased to announce the first ever NBP end of season awards! We have curated 8 categories to vote on. The rules are simple, you may vote once for each of the 8 categories. The voting will run concurrent to the transfer market ending on Sunday September 25.


Once the voting has closed, the votes will be tabulated and a write up will be presented with the results! Polls will be placed in the forum for voting! Let's take a look at the categories!


Best Big Man

Stampy – Springfield Atom's Ogre

Bragh An Scather – Varangian Guard's Yhetee

Nero – Pax Romana's Kroxigor


Most Violent Player

Homestar Runner CW – Strong Bad's Awesome Team 2 kills 14 CAS

Lars Skulldrinker - #Swole 2 kills 7 CAS

Seymour Skinner – The Springfield Atoms 2 kills 3 CAS


Bloodiest Match of The Year

Sticks and Stones vs The peasant brigade week 4 8 injuries 2 deaths

Goth Bondage Party vs The peasant brigade week 5 6 injuries 2 deaths

Pax Romana vs World Wide Webz week 8 5 injuries 3 deaths


Worst disappointment as a team

House Verindath – MrB1129's Snake-bitten dark elves.

Odin's Finest – Fatmarc4lyfe1's missing Norse squad

The peasant brigade – ChaseJJ's Foul crazy bretonnians


Match of The Year

#Swole vs Goth Bondage Party – Nuffle Challenge Series Eastern Finals

Springfield Atoms vs Varangian Guard – week 3 battle for the division lead.

#Swole vs Varangian Guard – Nuffle Challenge Series Championship


Offensive Player of the Year

Abroham “Drinkin” Lincoln - #Swole 7 TDS, 422 yards Rushing

3LF – 0001 – GESH 8TDS 128 Yards Rushing

Eilifbiorn – Arctic Underoos 5 TDS 260 yards Rushing


Defensive Player of The Year

Lars Skulldrinker - #Swole 84 blocks succeeded 22 injuries, 2 kills, 3 crowd-surfs

Helfdane – Varangian Guard 44 blocks succeeded, 11 injuries, 0 kills 0 surfs

Stampy – The Springfield Atoms – 79 Blocks 28 Injuries, 0 kills, 0 Surfs


Coach of The Year

DaltMC – Coach of the undefeated in the regular season and Eastern Conference Champion #Swole

Midway_Monster01 – Coach of the still undefeated and current Nuffle Be Praised League Champions, Varangian Guard.

That's it coaches, get to those polls and get your voting in.


Transfer Market Now Open

Don't forget current pro coaches, the NBP Transfer market is now open and will run through Sunday September 25th! For in-depth information on the transfer market please check out our news post on the topic!


NBP Announces First ever Ronnie Rott Invitational Tournament!


Hello coaches, NBP league management is proud to announce the first ever Ronnie Rott Invitational! The tournament is named for and run by our intrepid sideline reporter, the legendary corpse himself Ronnie Rott! The format will be a 16 team single elimination knock out tournament restricted to fresh ( 1000 TV max) Undead and Necromantic Teams! The tournament will start once the Necromantic team has been released! If you would like to sign up for the Ronnie Rott Invitational please post in the Ronnie Rott Invitational Thread, in the Season 2 Sign up sub forum!


Speaking of season 2, we are also now accepting registrations for season 2 of professional play! Remember to register your team for professional play they must be at or below the TV cap of 1350; and for our developmental and new teams, must have only played 9 or less developmental games to qualify for the 1350 TV cap! To express interest in registering for the second season of professional play please check out the Season 2 Pro Registration thread in the season 2 sign up sub forum!


NBP Proud to Announce Coach's Corner for beginner and intermediate coaches!


Nuffle Be Praised is proud to announce the introduction of the NBP Coach's Corner! A special open ladder competition administered by Season 1 NBP Champion Midway_Monster01 and NBP commissioner CommieCOZY!


What is the Coach's Corner you ask? As us veterans know, Blood Bowl can be a cruel and unforgiving game, and there is nothing more discouraging than trying to learn and improve while having to play games against bad sports, people who may be angered by your new coach status, or oppportunistic coaches who will take advantage of padding their Win/loss ratio at the expense of new coaches.


We here at NBP would like to change that trend. We feel our Blood Bowl community is only as strong as it's players, and that if there were veterans out there willing to coach and assist the new coaches it would make the league experience better for all!

What are some of the features of the coaches corner?

1 on 1 developmental games with NBP Veteran coaches, where they will critique moves, offer guidance and explain the nuances of Blood Bowl.

Assistance with starting team compositions. Which are the best positional choices, how many re-rolls should I take etc?

1 on 1 developmental games with other fresh to Blood Bowl coaches, mentored in real time by NBP Veterans, where Coaches can receive feedback in real time against a live opponent.

Team build Strategies. Sometimes there is nothing harder than trying to decide between what skills to get your players, especially when you are brand new to the sport! Get advice from coaches on what skills to take and when to take them!

Special beginner-only comps and events. Depending on how big the response is to our coach's corner initiative, we may run competitions and events exclusive to the coach's corner!

Finally registration in the coaches corner is open to ALL coaches regardless of skill level, if you want to get better we want to HELP you get better. For our veteran coaches that would to assist the Coach's Corner, please contact CommieCOZY or Midway_Monster01! If you would like to sign up for the Coach's Corner, check out the Season 2 registration sub-forum on the nbp-pro.com forums!


That does it all for this news update, stay tuned next week for the results of the year end voting awards and for a transfer market report, and always remember Praise Nuffle!