Season 2 Signups Now Open, vote on Season 3 TV CAP!

Hello coaches, this is a quick update to remind everyone that sign ups for Season 2 are now LIVE.  If you would like to sign up for Season 2, The Ronnie Rott Invitational or our Coach's Corner competitions please visit . 

We are also holding votes on for the TV cap for Season 3!  Current options are either 1500 or 1550 TV.  Vote in the poll in the season 2 thread to make your voice heard!

Finally coaches we still have 4 days left to vote for our end of year awards!  I've only got votes from 9 coaches.  Remember if you didn't play in season 1 but you DID follow the league action you are more than welcome to vote!

Thanks coaches and remember Praise Nuffle!