Inside The NBP : End of Season Awards Edition

Hello fans and fellow blood bowlers, it's Crypt Collinsworth here with another edition of Inside The NBP! This week we will go over the results of our Season 1 Year-end Awards! We will also discuss the new league structure for season 2, changes to post season play, our season 2 start date, details on the Ronnie Rott Invitational tournament as well as a change to how we award prizes for season participation.

Without further ado let's send it over to John Maddening with the season one end of season awards!

Thanks for that fine introduction Crypt! I'm John Maddening and I'm here with the the Nuffle Be Praised Season 1 end of year awards! We've got 8 big awards to give out, so le'ts get right down to it and start out with the award for best big man in the league! Our nominees were Stampy, Springfield Atoms Ogre, Bragh an Scather, Varangian Guard's Yhetee, and Nero, Pax Romana's Kroxigor.

With 55 percent of the vote, it's no surprise that the award for best big man goes to Stampy! An absolute menace on the pitch this year, Stampy was without question the best performing big man, helping to elevate The Springfield Atoms to among the top teams in the Western Conference.


Our next award is for The Most Violent Player of the year, this award is of course given to the player that committed the most mayhem and carnage on the pitch throughout the season. Our nominees were Homestar Runner Chaos Warrior from Strong Bad's Awesome Team, Lars Skulldrinker from #Swole, and Seymour Skinner from Springfield Atoms.

With 50 percent of the vote, the award goes to Homestar Runner! Despite only playing half of the season in the pros as a mid season call up from our developmental league, Homestar Runner managed to get 2 kills and 29 casualties during his time in the pro leagues.


Next up we have the award for Defensive Player of The Year. This award is meant to spotlight the most elite defender in Nuffle Be Praised. Our nominees were Lars Skulldrinker from #Swole, Helfdane from Varangian Guard, and Stampy from Springfield Atoms.

Coming in with 55 percent of the vote, Troll Slayer Lars Skulldrinker takes the award for defensive player of the year. A stand out player on Eastern Conference Champion #Swole, Lars Skulldrinker was a huge party of their continued success.


Next we have our last award for an individual player as we have the award for Offensive Player of The Year. Our nominees were Abroham “Drinkin” Lincoln from #Swole, 3lf-0001 from GESH, and Eilifbiorn from The Arctic Underoos.

What's this, this can't be right, it looks like we have a TIE, with each player carrying 40 percent of the vote we have a tie between Abroham Lincoln and 3lf-0001! The award was supposed to go to the player with the most votes, but since they both have the most votes they both win the award! Explaining the obvious is one of my many skills!


That does it for the individual awards next up we have award for our bloodiest match of the season. The nominees were Sticks and Stones vs Peasant Brigade Week 4, Goth Bondage Party vs The Peasant Brigade Week 5, and Pax Romana vs World Wide Webz Week 8.

With 40 percent of the overall vote, the award goes to Pax Romana vs World Wide Webz! A glorious blood bath that featured 5 injuries and 3 deaths! Though it was a mostly one-sided blood both, the sheer volume of deaths was what put the voting over the top!


Next up we have an ignoble award to give out; the award for Worst Disappointment as a team! Our nominees were House Verindath, our worst performing Dark Elf Team, Odin's Finest, our missing in action Norse Team, and The peasant brigade, our foul crazy bretonnians!

The Award goes to The peasant brigade! All of that fouling must have certainly gotten underneath the skin of the other coaches for this result! Normally this is where we would show you a photo of The peasant brigade, however because they were such disappointments they were disbanded before a team photo could be taken for posterity! Instead here is an old shot of them up to their fouling tricks!


Now we have an award that is just the opposite of our previous award. This award is for the Match of The Year! The nominees were GBP vs #Swole, Eastern Conference Finals, Springfield Atoms vs Varangian Guard, week 3 battle for first place, and The Nuffle Challenge Series Championship match between #Swole and Varangian Guard.

With 45 percent of the vote the award goes to The NCS Championship Match between #Swole and Varangian Guard! An excellent choice if I do say so myself. An exciting match that more than lived up to the hype of being the first ever Nuffle Challenge Series Championship game!


Finally we come t our last award which is for Coach of the Year! This award featured only 2 nominess instead of the usual 3. Our first nominee was DaltMC, who took #Swole to the NCS finals with an undefeated record in the regular season, including an overtime win in the eastern conference championsnhip's against Goth Bondage Party. Our second nominee was Midway_Monster01, who also went undefated in the regular season, as well as winning The Nuffle Challenge Series AND the inter-league friendly match for bragging rights against GFCL's Underground MCs.

With a commanding 70 percent of the vote, the award for Coach of the Year goes to Midway_Monster01! One of the most experienced coaches in all of NBP, its no surprise that the Coach who won it all in season one would also win the Coach of The Year Award!   


Well that wraps it up for our Season 1 year end awards! I want to thank all the coaches who participated in voting as well as all of our fine nominees! I look forward to a great season 2 and hope to see more action deserving of awards! Let's send it over to Ronnie Rott and a quick spotlight on some important news and changes for Season 2!


Thanks for the introduction John! Hello fans Ronnie Rott here and I've got an Inside The NBP news update! We have a lot to go over to get us ready for season 2, so here are some changes that we will be implementing for Season 2.

First we are proud to announce the formation of The NBP Europa Conference! The Europa Conference will features 8 coaches (7 European, 1 with Euro Friendly Schedule) in 2 divisions of 4 teams each. The Europa Conference will mirror the set up of The Eastern and Western Conferences with a few distinctions. First like the Eastern and Western Conferences, The Europa Conference will against their division in weeks 1, 2 and 3 of regular season play. Weeks 4 and 5 will feature inter-conference play between the 2 Euro Divisions (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 followed by 1 vs 4, 2vs3, 3 vs 2 and 4 vs 1), week's 6 through 8 will features a second series of matches against the same divisional opponents as weeks 1 through 3.

At The End of Regular Season play, the 2 teams that win their division along with the 2 teams that come in second place in their division will earn a spot in Euro Challenge Series. The winner of each division will take on the second place team of the other division, then the winners of those matches will then face each other in the Nuffle Be Praised European Championship Match.

We are also making a slight change to NBP-Pro's Regular Season Structure, now weeks 4 and 5 will feature intra-conference play instead of inter-conference play from season. (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, then 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3, 3 vs 2 and 4 vs 1)

Because we are expanding to 24 teams this season we have had to alter the structure of the Nuffle Challenge Series. In Season 2 the winners of each of the 4 divisions (2 Eastern, 2 Western) will earn a spot in the Nuffle Challenge Series. The Winners of The 2 Eastern Divisions will play each other in the Eastern Conference Final, The Winners of the 2 Western Divisions will play each other in the Western Conference Final, The winners of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals will then face off against each other in the Nuffle Challenge Series Championship match.

Now here is where it get's interesting. After 2 weeks of post season play we will have a winner of the Nuffle Challenge Series and The Winner of the Nuffle Euro Series. The winners of both Series will then play each other in the Nuffle Be Praised World Championship! That's right this one is for all the bragging rights!

Now you may be saying what about all other teams in NBP-Pro that don't qualify for the Nuffle Challenge Series or Euro Challenge Series what are they going to do during the post season! We are glad you asked!

We would like to announce the creation of the Nuffle Be Praised (Mu)Ryder Cup! Let me explain how it works! The fifth, sixth and seventh ranked teams in NBP-Pro will take on the fifth, sixth and seventh place coaches in NBP Europa, in 3 knock out bowl games! Whichever side (US or Europe) that wins at least 2 out of 3 of the matches will win The Nuffle Be Praised (Mu)Ryder Cup for their side! Want to show that European Coaches are better then American or Canadian Coaches now is your chance! The (Mu)Ryder Cup is for ultimate bragging rights!

We would also like to announce an expansion/change to the Mediocre Bowl Series. From now one the Mediocre Bowl Series will be known as the Mediocre Tournament Series and will feature the eight through fifteenth place coaches in NBP-Pro. They will earn a ticket into an 8 team knockout tournament to earn the right to be called the Most Mediocre Coach in Nuffle Be Praised!

Lastly we haven't forgot about the Blurst of The Blurst. This year in true Blurst fashion the Blurst of The Blurst will feature only one match, between the sixteenth ranked coach of NBP-PRO and the eighth ranked coach in NBP Europa!

Talk about some exciting changes upcoming for Season 2! We've got a couple more huge announcements to make. First we are announcing that Season 2 will kick off on Monday October seventeenth. That's Monday October seventeenth! Make sure you team is ready to go by Saturday October fifteenth so they can receive their ticket to Season 2!

We are also making a change to the structure of the prizes for season 2. Last year we gave awards for the winner of the NCS, the winner of the Mediocre Bowl Series and the Winner of the Blurst of The Blurst. After much discussion among the NBP Coach's Board it has been decided that in season 2 we would like to award our highest performing coaches. So we are going to give out prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall.

The First place prize will be a 20 dollar PlayStation Network Card, the second place prize will be a 10 dollar PlayStation network card and the third place will receive 100 cyans! As always here in NBP we never ask for entrance fee for participation and we want the prizes to function as a thank you to all the coach's that help make NBP the best league in PS4 Blood Bowl!

Lastly we have a bit of information on the Ronnie Rott Invitational. The Format will be a 16 team knockout tournament restricted to “fresh” Undead and Necromantic Teams to take place before the kick off to Season 2! I, Ronnie Rott himself am trying to find the best undead/necromantic team in blood bowl! Whichever team wins the invitational will be invited to defend their title next year between seasons 2 and 3! Want to prove that you are the best unread coach around?! Enter your team today! We still have three spots open so make sure to stop by The Official NBP Forums and Register your Team! We want to kick the tournament off this weekend at the latest but we can't start until we get those last teams registered!

Well that does it for another edition of Inside The NBP, I'm Ronnie Rott and for Crypt Collinsworth and John Maddening, thanks for tuning in and remember to always Praise Nuffle!