Announcing FantasticDRJ's dELFamental Showdown!

NBP-PRO is proud to announce another of our unique competitions!  This time it's FantasticDRJ's dELFamental Showdown!  What is a dELFamental showdown?  I'm glad you asked.

The competition will feature 16 teams in 4 divisions of 4.  We will play 2 sets of division games with the same division (similiar to NBP-Pro season structure without intra-conference games).  After the 2 sets are played (6 games) the top 2 teams of each of the 4 divisions will enter into an 8 team knockout tournament to crown the best dELFamental team of them all!


ELF TEAMS ONLY (wood elf, high elf, dark elf) from NBP-PRO Developmental ladder (dELFamental get it)

TV Cap is 1650/ With a maximum 20 games played

Registration is first come first served, and you can sign up at

The Format will be one game played a week (to match pro)

Competition runs under the standard NBP Bylaws.

Kickoff will be Monday April 3rd (beginning of the NBP Mid-Season Break).

DIvision organization will be based on time zones and play availability and will be named as such

Drow Division

Rockseer Division

Grugach Division

Avariel Division